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Vogelsang with wine pumps at SIMEI@drinktec

Gentle pumping of grapes, grape must and wine

Mobile and flexible: Rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang for the wine industry

Vogelsang pumps are suitable for all of a winemaker's processes

Rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang can also be used in fixed installations

Essen (Oldb.), July 6, 2017 – Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG will be presenting pump technology for the wine industry at the SIMEI@drinktec wine trade fair (hall C3, booth 338) in Munich, Germany, which is to take place from September 11 to 15, 2017, for the first time as part of the world's leading trade fair for drinks “drinktec”. “When transporting grapes, grape must and wine, great care is required to maintain the quality of the product. Vogelsang has extensive experience when gentle pumping of sensitive materials and viscous media is required,” said Harald Vogelsang, managing director of Vogelsang. Vogelsang supports winemakers with rotary lobe pumps, which carefully transport grapes and wine and which can be individually modified for systems of any size. For smaller wineries, Vogelsang has mobile solutions available that can be used anywhere thanks to special hoses. For larger systems, there is equipment suitable for stationary installation.

Pumping out, storing and dispensing the wine
In the wine industry, rotary lobe pumps from Vogelsang are used in all processes, including pump over, transfers between tanks before and after fermentation, as well as in storage, clarification, and dispensing of wines and sparkling wines. Due to their steady and vibration-free operation, the pumps avoid vibration and foaming of the wine. This ensures a constant level of quality.

Pumping grapes and grape must
The pumps move the grapes without destroying them. In comparison to centrifugal pumps, lobe pumps produce the pressure needed to transport the grapes at fewer revolutions per minute, thus producing only minimal shearing forces and ensuring a better quality of grape must, without pressure differences, at a constant temperature. Thanks to the HiFlo® design of the pistons, which is free from pulsations, the grapes are transported undamaged.

Pumping without adding oxygen
Vogelsang pumps are characterized by minimal shearing forces and are thus suitable for pumping grape must. In comparison to centrifugal pumps, which generate high shearing forces due to their high rotational speed, the supply of oxygen to the grape must is reduced with rotary lobe pumps. This way, users can circulate the grape must for longer and achieve a more intense flavor.

Lees, pomace and sediment
As Vogelsang pumps are able to pump high-viscosity liquids without clogging, they are suitable for pumping lees. After emptying the lees container, even the pomace can be pumped out using fixed or mobile rotary lobe pumps. Due to their high suction levels and insensitivity to running dry, they can cope with viscous media such as sediment and pulp.

Space-saving installation and easy maintenance
Up to a head of about 9 m Vogelsang pumps are self-priming and are designed for pressures up to 16 bar, with a reversible flow direction. Solid matter up to a size of 90 mm will be pumped without problems. Their space-saving construction permits the pumps to be used in tight and difficult to access spaces. The pumps are serviced and maintained via quick access to the pumping chamber after removing the cover onsite. In addition to that, Vogelsang pumps can be individually modified, amongst other options, by a cart with non-marking wheels, a remote control, sensors to measure pressure and delivery rate, an automatic valve or a liter counter.

Vogelsang at SIMEI@drinktec, September 11 to 15, 2017, Messe München: Hall C3, booth 338

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