Vogelsang-Drehkolbenpumpe VX100-90Q

Professional pump technology and more


Innovation leads to solutions, and solutions to success.

For decades, Vogelsang has been the innovative manufacturer of a wide range of products for supply and disposal in the agricultural, municipal and industrial sectors. And not only there. The invention of the rotary lobe pump has led to and continues to lead to many ground-breaking developments in precision distribution, spreading technology, biogas technology, maceration and many other areas. Not only are the products and developments themselves innovative, the combination of various machines to autonomous solutions for many tasks.

  • Pump viscous media containing foreign matter with innovative, compact and easy-to-maintain Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps.
  • Combine the rotary lobe pump with macerators such as the RotaCutâ„¢or X-Ripperâ„¢ for smooth and safe processes.
  • Use BioCrack and QuickMix to turbo boost your biogas plants.
  • Ensure that your workflow runs smoothly in wastewater treatment plants, abattoirs and agricultural companies with macerators and pumps.
  • Use Vogelsang's expertise, and reap the major benefits of precise spreading of liquid manure: Dribble bar linkages in various spreading widths, tanks and self-propelled vehicles. Unique features include individual hose deactivation and length adjustment, high-precision distribution heads for all.
  • Or just take the train. With its safe vacuum disposal technology, Vogelsang contributes to making your journey a pleasant one.