Waste water Newsletter 12-2017

A major concern in waste water management is the increasing influx of wet wipes and harmful matter being flushed down toilets and into the sewage system. This creates sewer blockages and cumbersome disruptions. Moreover, narrow sewers lacking adequate equipment are not able to handle these issues.

The new XRipper XRC100-800 for narrow sewers wipes out wipes! It offers proven protection against blockages and disruptions by reliably shredding coarse and foreign matter to a manageable size.

It’s compact size and robust design makes it ideal for narrow sewers. The XRipper XRC100-800 waste water grinder combines an accumulation high of more than 800 mm with a very compact design of a width less than 300 mm.

And of course the XRipper XRC100-800 uses the same efficient technology of the XRipper XRC.

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