Ozwater 2020
Get to know our cost-effective solutions at Ozwater ‘20

Get to know our biogas and wastewater technology at Ozwater. Our pumping, cutting and disintegrating technology offer cost-effective solutions for biogas plants and wastewater treatment plants. Every single one of our products is designed for economical, reliable operation. Learn more about our range of innovative products at the Australian Water Association’s annual international water conference and trade exhibition.

Ozwater ‘20
5 – 7 May 2020
Adelaide Convention Centre

Maximize biogas production with the Vogelsang biogas technology

In order to make your biogas plant fit for the future, process optimization and efficiency improvement are essential. Vogelsang provides comprehensive advice to planners, operators and owners of biogas plants to identify solutions and technologies that will maximize biogas production. From pump technology to maceration, disintegration technology and solid matter feeding systems, Vogelsang offers a complete portfolio of biogas technology for the entire range of fermentation.

  • Pump technology: With their outstanding features, Vogelsang positive displacement pumps are the economical solution for many different pumping tasks in biogas plants.
  • Macerators: Vogelsang combines a wet macerator and heavy material separator to ensure a more homogeneous and flowable suspension.
  • Solid matter feeders: Compact systems for feeding input materials in a mashed form which is suitable for bacteria. This type of feeding increases the gas yield and reduces energy requirements for mixing, stirring and pumping.
  • Disintegration technology: Electrokinetic or mechanical disintegration reduces power consumption of pumps and mixers and increases gas yields, resulting in higher process efficiency and lower operating costs.

Reliable wastewater technology for efficient wastewater treatment

To enable trouble-free and efficient wastewater cleaning, Vogelsang offers pumps, grinders and disintegration systems that are perfectly suited for wastewater applications. Our solutions help to pump sludge and wastewater reliably, prevent entangled materials, floating layers and damage from foreign matter and efficiently reduce the dirt load. In addition, their easy-to-maintain structure simplifies handling during maintenance saving you costs and time.

  • Pump technology: Flexible and energy efficient technology for pumping low-viscosity wastewater to highly viscous sludge. Easy-to-service and maintain.
  • Macerators: Wet macerator and heavy material separator combined to prevent floating layers, rags and blockages. Ensures trouble-free processes with low maintenance effort.
  • Grinders: Efficient protection for pumps and components from clogging and damage due to economical size reduction of harmful matter.
  • Disintegration technology: Low-cost disintegration for less sewage and more energy. Ensures stable process workflows and is easy to integrate or retrofit in the existing workflow.

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