The system for online monitoring in rail transport applications

  • Real-time monitoring thanks to web-based control applications
  • Possibility to control third party systems (if they are interface-compatible)
  • Safety operation thanks to an early intervention
  • Extra modules available for authorization and control
  • User friendly interface

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VEBSys - the remote monitoring system for rail vehicles

The automation and control system VEBSys from Vogelsang is design to improve the smooth operation of rail systems thanks to remote monitoring and data management. This system offer maximum efficiency to any train depot thanks to a web-based control, including information like washing bays, point heating or water supply. With the possibility to include third party systems as compressors or heating systems, and the extra modules for authorization and control, offering a offers a complete control and data management system to any facility.

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VEBSys is the key to running your train depot with maximum efficiency. The system monitors all the elements of the train depot and transfers the operating data live to an online control center. The web-based control center sends you all operational information in real time, including: washing bays, brake test facilities, point heating, water supply, air pressure, and central pumping systems. VEBSys documents the status of all Vogelsang systems live: the suction in the vacuum system, the heating of the VacUnit, TUnit and CleanUnit, and the levels in the BioUnit. You can also monitor third party systems which are interface-compatible: compressors, heating systems, or washing facilities. The functions are monitored by integrated AIRBag or VEBSys modules, which are also used for local control of the systems.

VEBSys not only allows you to monitor the facilities in your train service depot, it also documents the operating status of the individual functions. That information can then be used for quality control and for assessment and billing of services provided.

VEBSys information is displayed online on a web-based fault portal. The facilities of the train service depot report their operating status to the VEBSys data center via GSM, using the connected AIRBag or VEBSys modules. So the information is displayed on the online fault portal or, if necessary, an alarm notification is sent via text or email.

The Vogelsang AIRBag modules provide safety through early intervention. Built into Vogelsang systems or third party facilities, the AIRBag modules report the operating status of the systems to the VEBSys fault portal at any time. Therefore, VEBSys not only works as an Online monitoring system, but also as a fault portal.

An example for monitoring with VEBSys: the water temperature in a watering column drops. The system approaches a critical condition because of the risk of freezing. An alarm is sent automatically to the staff in the service depot, who can remedy the fault before greater damage is caused. That saves time and money, and improves the availability and quality of the service provided.

The VEBSys modules offer a further option to increase system reliability and to improve service quality. These modules restrict the use of a system to a defined group of users, and create reports about users, usage times, and the system, for simple and convenient quality control and billing. In addition to authorization, VEBSys modules can also be used for control. On the TUnits for supply and disposal for rail coaches, for example, the VEBSys modules control the valves on the supply and disposal hoses, preventing the freshwater from being contaminated by operator error.

Other features of the VEBSys modules:

  • RFID card or keypad input
  • Train number input
  • Digital data storage including: date, time, name of operator, track number, T-system number, flow rates (wastewater and freshwater), start and end times
  • Data connection individually configured


  • Train stations
  • Service and maintenance stations
  • Washing bays

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