Wine pump

The gentle wine pump by Vogelsang

  • Reduced wine oxygenation keeping high the wine flavors and quality
  • Ideal for recirculation or pumping to/from the cellar
  • Compact design: Low place requirements ensure fixed and mobile usage
  • High availability of the pump thanks to easy and onsite maintenance

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Wine pump - how to pump must, wine or grapes gently

For the specific needs of wine production, Vogelsang offers different pumping solutions for grapes, must and wine, lees and pomace. Including mobile or fixed units or equipped with a hopper,,the wine pumps can be configured according to customer needs as well as in different sizes. Due to the construction of our pumps as well as the design and materials used for the lobes, the grapes and the juice can be transported with minimal impact compared to other types of pumps.
The Vogelsang wine pumps are completely made in stainless steel. For all the parts of the pump which are in contact with the wine, must or any other fluid in the wine industry, we use special materials, which are able to be used for food applications. The rotary lobes can be made either in stainless steel, if the application or customer requires it, or can be made with a metallic core and elastomer coated for a very gentle pumping.
Some advantages make the Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps ideal for the wine sector: they are silent when operating, high powered, space-saving, have flexible installation and are long-lasting.

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Enjoy your wine with Vogelsang

Pumping in a winery is an essential process; it needs to be smooth and gentle with the grapes and wine, in order to keep intact their organoleptic characteristics. But powerful and efficient to be able to complete pump-over and bottling without any trouble. Knowing the requirements of the market, we have developed a wine pump with all necessary accessories to let the winemakers do their job and not worry about the pumping processes. If you would like to know what our customer from one of the biggest wineries in Italy thinks about our pumps after trying them for a while, watch the video.

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With up to 6 models for mobile and stationary applications, the Vogelsang wine pump is the perfect solution for all pumping processes in a winery. From must to whole grapes; the wine pump can handle different fluids with a lot of benefits for this industry. Our wine pumps are equipped with several accessories as flowmeter, remote control, nitrogen connector or PLC control panel, reaching all market standards for wineries. With capacities up to 724 m3/h and pressures of up to 12 bar, it is the right option for every winery.

Pumping of the whole grapes

The movement to Vogelsang wine pumps with the greatest care to preserve the grapes without breaking the integrity of them before fermentation and obtain maximum quality of the wine: they are very delicate, have small dimensions and at the same flow rate, require less energy than a single screw pump. In addition, they allow the passage of solids up to 90 mm in size.

Pumping of must

Our wine pump handles gently must and wines, leaving intact the quality. The centrifugal pumps damage the grape: due to the high number of revolutions, required for the achievement of adequate pressure, can produce the separation of the sugar component of must. On the other side, Vogelsang wine pumps reach the necessary pressure to the transfer of the grapes with a reduced number of revolutions and guarantee a better quality of the must, without sudden changes of pressure and keeping the temperature constant. Thanks to the special design of the HiFlo® lobes, the skins and seeds are conveyed pulsation free, which means no damage on them. In this way the oil contained in the seeds does not come out, ensuring a higher quality product.


The Vogelsang pumps are ideal for must recirculation. The centrifugal pumps separate the liquid component each time it is recirculated. The longer the pump move the must, bigger is its oxygenation. The rotary lobe pump minimizes the separation of sugars and it is therefore possible to reassemble the must longer and extract more aromas. For the wineries that choose a rundown version to be used with the must, it can be configured a separate set of tubes to use the same drive for recirculation.

Transfer, storage and bottling

The wine pumps of Vogelsang are used successfully for all processes in the wine industry: from transferring wine from tanks, to transfer for storage, cooling, blending, and bottling of wines and sparkling wines, while maintaining all the qualities of the wine by preventing shaking and oxygenation. By regulating the flow, only a single pump can be used in different processes. The constant flow rate, the absence of vibrations and low noise make the Vogelsang wine pump optimal for even the most delicate phases.


The Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are also perfect for pumping lees as it is designed to pump highly viscous liquids. Also it does not need manual assistance.

Pomace and sediments

The pumping of the pomace after the lees have been drained is another application that can be easily performed by Vogelsang with a stationary or mobile pump. Both sediments as well as pomace are dense sludges that require suction to the emptying process. The Vogelsang pumps are able to handle sediments and pomace due to their ability to run dry and to their powerful suction force.

The Vogelsang rotary lobe pump has significant advantages over traditional pumps used in the wine industry:  

  • gentle pumping of grapes and wine
  • reduced wine oxygenation
  • high suction capacity
  • compact design; very small space required
  • no vibrations and quiet pumping
  • service and maintenance on site

Our pumps are self-priming up to a depth of approximately nine meters, but can operate under dry conditions and up to 12 bar. They can flow in both directions, and solid material up to 90 mm in size can be moved easily. As our wine pumps are smaller and more lightweight than traditional pumps of comparable power, they can also be used in hard-to-reach, tight spaces.

Thanks to the special design of the Vogelsang pumps and its innovative QuickService concept, the service and maintenance is done on site, in nearly no time and can be done by any winery operator. It is possible to change the lobes and the mechanical seal without the need to dismount the pump from the piping.

Due to the individual needs of our customers, we customize every pump to fit their specific needs. Our product range includes pumps of different sizes and configurations.

The pump can be installed in a fixed position, mounted directly on the winery for example, to use for bottling. If the customer wants to use the pump as a mobile and flexible unit to work as the main pump element of the winery, we deliver it in a mobile cart with a remote control to be able to manage the pumping processes even remotely.

Furthermore, there is a wide range of options, such as the cart provided with non-marking wheels, different types of connectors, remote control for remote operation, pressure and flow sensors, automatic valve, flow meter, etc.

Case Studies wine pump

Case Study - Cantina Salgari - Wine pump VX136

Wine pump VX136: improved pumping of must, wine & lees

Problem: poor pump-over efficiency; diffitulty achieving suction from underground tank
Solution: wine pump VX136-140 QVVA

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Case Study - La Torre di Castel Rocchero - Wine pump VX186

Wine pump VX186: heat exchange recirculation

Problem: inefficient must cooling
Solution: wine pump VX186-140Q

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Case Study - An Italian winery - Wine pump

Wine pump VX136: improved pumping processes

Problem: foam creation and irregular pumping
Solution: wine pump VX136-140 QVVA

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Case Study – Val D’Oca winery

Oenological pumps 4.0

Problem: Need for more operators for the transfer and emptying of the fermenting vats
Solution: Vogelsang VX136-210Q VVA oenological logical pumps with touchscreen control panel and app

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