Dribble bar linkage with maximum performance and flexibility

  • Maximum accuracy in distribution thanks to precision distributors and an optimized hose layout
  • Maximum flexibility in use
  • Extra-stable boom
  • Compact installation on the tanker
  • Secure and speedy opening and retracting

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

Maximum distribution results with the SwingMax dribble bar linkage

Precise distribution of liquid manure with the greatest possible distribution accuracy even with large working widths: This is the Vogelsang SwingMax dribble bar linkage. The precision distributors and optimal hose layout ensure accuracy in distribution across the boom and within the swath—even up to working widths of 36 meters. This allows existing tramlines to be used, thus also reducing the amount of travel across the field. The Vogelsang linkages also feature customized section control, for a maximum of flexibility. With a wide variety of technical innovations such as TopSwing and TeleShift, this dribble bar linkage can be combined with Comfort Flow Control (CFC) for flexible adaptation to a wide range of working widths and the specific requirements of different farms. At the same time, these fittings on the tanker also make it possible to keep the travel width to a minimum even when the working width is at a maximum. Speedy and secure opening and retracting are made possible by perfectly coordinated hydraulic and mechanical components. The double tubular frame design that has been used makes this system especially sturdy. Nevertheless, the weight of the linkage has been kept to a minimum so that it does not become a burden. All in all, the SwingMax provides professional technology for the most demanding requirements, while ensuring maximum economic efficiency at all times.

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The unit is designed to be mounted on a 4-point hydraulic system.
When driving on the road, the hoses of the dribble bar system are rotated upward 180° so that they are vertical. This reliably prevents leakage and keeps the road clean and safe.
Liquid manure, a valuable commodity, must be spread evenly and reliably in the distribution hoses. Vogelsang precision distributors permit precise distribution of the nutrients with a distribution coefficient of less than 5 percent. This makes spreading a safe and reliable process without fluctuations – which also guarantees even plant growth.

The discharge hoses on the Vogelsang dribble bar systems all have similar lengths, thanks to the optimized hose layout. The liquid manure reaches the soil almost simultaneously from each one, and spreading across the entire working width and length is also guaranteed. This not only ensures optimum lateral distribution accuracy in the linkage, but also prevents the V shape that can otherwise form.
The dribble bar linkage adapts to the contour of the soil. This reduces the load on the vehicle coupling and the entire frame structure. It also means that the hose ends are kept close to the soil at all times, and ensures that the liquid manure is deposited precisely across the entire working width.
The hose is a key factor in spreading technology. As such, the hose material and composition of the plastic have been developed specially for Vogelsang over several decades. The combination of raw materials that we use for our special hose is characterized by high robustness, elasticity, and UV resistance. This makes the hoses resistant to the effects of chemicals and environmental influences. The unique manufacturing technique we use for our rigid end hoses brings additional benefits. The hose sections used as end hoses are always straight and absolutely dimensionally stable. Your advantage: there is no need for guide elements, which are heavy and prone to wear, and the hoses always remain open and do not stick. Furthermore, this rigid end hose configuration ensures defined strip spacing.
The outer TopSwing elements can be folded in 180° and laid on the base linkage, significantly reducing the transport dimensions of your unit. This prevents protrusion at the front of the vehicle and means that linkages with large working widths can also be mounted on compact tankers. Different working widths and part widths can also be implemented section by section in combination with the CFC.


In order to ensure that the linkage follows the soil contour as closely as possible, the control can be used to adjust its angle.
Comfort Flow Control (CFC) is the universal solution when it comes to shutting off hoses in any system: part-width section cut-offs, tramline switching or DropStop systems. The CFC is installed in the hose outlets of the spreader device, downstream of the distributor. Each hose or group of hoses can be shut off from the cab. The CFC is versatile and can be used in any unit – dribble bar systems, trailing shoe systems or tillage units.

DoubleFold can be used to manually reduce the working width of your unit. The outer frame elements are folded in using a hinge, and the corresponding discharge hoses can be connected via the CFC.
On request, end hoses can be delivered in DN 50 to ensure that the whole process runs even more smoothly.
When this option is selected, the flow of liquid manure and oil to one of the two precision distributors is sealed off. This allows you to adjust to a half-tramline over larger working widths and smooth out wedges in the field. It also prevents overlapping.
The rear TeleShift allows you to shorten the transport dimensions of your unit, leaving almost no linkage protrusion at the rear. This compactness makes maneuvering much easier.
The front TeleShift allows you to combine larger linkages with compact tanks. It can also be used to set up various working widths without protrusion.


  • Agriculture

    Technical Specifications

    Working width
    18 - 33 m
    Number of outlets
    ECL 40-40 / ECL 48-48

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