Water supply and waste water disposal station in a cabinet design

  • Available as service module for centralised systems oras stand-alone solution
  • Weatherproof, insulated cabinet design, suitable for outdoor use
  • Simple and convenient hose management
  • Automatic hygienic flushing of the drinking water filling device
  • Access from both sides of the cabinet

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CabinetUnit - Supply and disposal station in a cabinet design

The Vogelsang CabinetUnit is a compact service station for waste water disposal and the supply of drinking water. In multi pointsystems, it is connected to a central vacuum pumping stationas a remote satellite station. The stand-alone version is equipped with an integrated vacuum pumping system. In both versions, the CabinetUnit is offered with an insulated, weatherproof housing which contains all of the equipment for the hygienic supply of water and for the safe disposal of waste water from passenger trains. The stand-alone version of the CabinetUnit can optionally be equipped with a storage compartment and a sink compartment with water taps for the supply of cleaning fluids used for the internal cleaning of passenger trains.

The facilities for the supply of drinking water and the disposal of waste water in the CabinetUnit are hygienically separated and housed in separate areas of the cabinet. The compartments are accessible from both sides via generous doors. In this way, the supply and disposal hoses are protected from weather and can be taken out by the operator on both sides of the aisle between the tracks.

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Various couplings for drink and waste water are available for our systems. The drink water coupling fulfills all requirements of drinking water quality according to the German Railway Federation (EBA).
All fittings and controls in the TUnit or CabinetUnit are included in a closed housing, protecting them for extreme weather conditions and for vandalism.
If required, the CabinetUnit can be installed with several extension modules for a complete interior cleaning supplies of coaches, as a stainless steel sink for waste water disposal or shelves extension for a larger storage area.
The CabinetUnit, TUnit, WaterUnit and RoadPump are equipped with a hose retraction system to roll up the hose easily after each use.


With a flowmeter installed in some of our products for the railway sector, as the CabinetUnit, TUnit or in the WaterUnit, we can measure and control the exact quantity of waste water, fresh and drink water we need to deliver or dispose.
To ensure safe operation even in subzero temperatures and to protect the cabinets or pumps, electric heating elements as well as heating pipes can be used optionally. The heating system is equipped with temperature sensors and an automatic temperature control.
For a 24/7 service our products CabinetUnit, TUnit and WaterUnit can include post top working lights.
Optionally there are available signal and warning facilities for an increased security of the sytem.
Optionally there are available signal and warning facilities for an increased security of the sytem.
Optionally some of our equipments can be equipped with a CET-Tank flushing hose to rinse with fresh water the toilet tanks after empyting them of waste water.
The CabinetUnit and TUnit are equipped with IEC-couplings for remote auto-water stop.
A remote control is used in some Vogelsang systems, as ReelUnit, CabinetUnit, BioUnit or TUnit, to control the right operation of the system. It allows, for example, valves to be opened and closed in the ReelSystem. Optionally, the BioUnit can be equipped with a remote control module, network connected or online, to adjust all cleaning parameters of the complete system.
For an easier control and management of the system, the TUnit or the BioUnit can be optionally equipped with an authorization system for user access management.

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