Reliable waste water disposal for boats and yachts

  • Hygienic and fast waste water disposal system for boats
  • Tap water supply system
  • High availability of the system
  • Resistance to dry running and maximum tolerance of foreign matter
  • Easy to use and self service

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The efficient way to dispose of waste and bilge water from boats

More and more boats are equipped with waste water tanks. In some countries the legislation regulates the waste water disposal from boats and yachts; in others it is just a question of environmental friendliness. The PierPump is the most convenient solution removing waste water from boats when arriving at a marina for a stopover or after a trip. The operation of the PierPump is fast and effective: just connecting the hose to the boat’s tank and the pump can be started. Emptying a tank takes typically less than 5 minutes.
The Vogelsang pumps are insensitive to dry running, and have excellent priming capabilities, which make this solution ideal for being used in marinas. Thanks to the special concept QuickService, the maintenance is very easy to do, and it is done in nearly no time. The housing is made in stainless steel to be used both indoor and outdoor. For outdoor installation, a heated housing is also available, as well as several payments systems.
Our systems can be installed in every application. For mobile requirements, we can supply a mobile handcart system. As a solution for large marinas where multiple docks shall feature a waste water disposal unit we have the PierPump network system. It is equipped with a double pump station from Vogelsang. As we develop these solutions customized for each customer, please contact us for further information.

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Vogelsang is the specialist for supply and disposal as well as cleaning solutions in the railway, bus and boat sectors. We also offer our customers solutions for operational data management in these markets.

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The PierPump is a totally close system - there are absolutely no offensive odors during using it. This is a very important feature for the PierPump because it is usually installed in marinas, where the environment and cleanliness is decisive.
The PierPump design is very compact and has a small footprint, if we compare it with other similar solutions.
Universal connectors are used in the PierPump which are suitable for all kind of boats and yachts.
Our products containing a rotary lobe pump from the VX series take advantage of their special design, QuickService, making even easier the maintenance of the systems. Thanks to that, the installation has a very high availability and minimum downtimes.


In some models of the PierPump a suction lance is included to suction bilge water out of the boats and yachts.
To ensure safe operation even in subzero temperatures and to protect the cabinets or pumps, electric heating elements as well as heating pipes can be used optionally. The heating system is equipped with temperature sensors and an automatic temperature control.
Several payment solutions can be included optionally in the RoadPump.
Some of our products for the railway, bus or marinas sectors can be delivered as stationary or mobile installations. As stationary installations, the BioUnit, PierPump or RoadPump are totally fixed on the ground, with stainless stell housing and optionally winter protected. As mobile units, they can be installed in a mobile handcart to be able to use them everywhere.
Optionally the PierPump can be equipped with a time relay control to set up the exactly time the user can use the pump.
It is possible to have optionally an operating hour control, in order to know the operating timing and invoice accordingly.
For demanding requirements, a fiberglass reinforced polyester housing is available.
If it is required, there is an available version with some parts of the system in stainless steel, such as the inlet, the discharg piping or the wet-end housing.

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