Professional hose reel systems for waste water disposal and water filling

  • Extremely compact design
  • Suitable for surface or underfloor mounting
  • Models available for indoor and outdoor use
  • Spring retraction & motorized retraction to wind up hoses

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Transportation technology

Transportation technology

ReelUnit - Hose reel systems for railway supply and disposal systems

Hose reel systems for railway water supply and vacuum waste water disposal If no conventional supply and disposal modules such as the Vogelsang TUnit or CabinetUnit can be used due to special structural conditions, the ReelUnit represents an ideal alternative. The ReelUnits are professional hose reel systems which are used both to empty toilet retention tanks using suction (ReelUnit WD) and to supply passenger trains with water (ReelUnit WS). Depending on the requirements, compact multi-row or particularly slim single-row hose reel systems are available.

If the supply or disposal stations cannot be mounted at working level, special underfloor service modules (ReelUnit U) are available. These can be supplied as a complete prefabricated part for direct underground installation or as units to be installed in a shaft.

Depending on local requirements, the ReelUnit U variant requires a manhole cover that can be walked on or driven over and through which the operator can pull the hoses out. Thanks to the specially balanced mechanism, little force is required to pull the hoses out. The strain on the operator is minimized and the hose material is protected.

Depending on the design, spring-preloaded hose reels or motor-driven hose reels are available. Equipment options, e.g. radio remote controls to operate the valve units or electric drives, mechanical opening aids for manhole covers further improve the ergonomics of the ReelUnit.

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Vogelsang is the specialist for supply and disposal as well as cleaning solutions in the railway, bus and boat sectors. We also offer our customers solutions for operational data management in these markets.

If you would like to find out why we are number one for supply and disposal in the German rail sector, then visit our world of transport technology.

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A remote control is used in some Vogelsang systems, as ReelUnit, CabinetUnit, BioUnit or TUnit, to control the right operation of the system. It allows, for example, valves to be opened and closed in the ReelSystem. Optionally, the BioUnit can be equipped with a remote control module, network connected or online, to adjust all cleaning parameters of the complete system.
With Vogelsang‘s drip-free suction coupling easyConnect clean disposal from closed toilet systems is assured, because it is fitted with a specially designed closure system as well as an integrated swivel joint. After the suction procedure, the coupling closes up, with any residue being suctioned out of it automatically so it cannot leak out. An easyConnect coupling weighs just 2.3 kg and measures approx. 16 x 30 cm.
For a more automated and independent opeartion, some of our equipement, as ReelUnit or CabinetUnit, can be optionally equipped with an automatized system of fresh water supply and suction cycles.


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