The clean solution for waste water disposal from buses

  • Hygienic and fast waste water disposal system for buses
  • Tap and drink water supply system for buses available
  • High availability of the system thanks to easy and onsite maintenance
  • Resistance to dry running and maximum tolerance of foreign matter
  • Easy usage and self service

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Easy, hygienical and environment-friendly wastewater disposal from busses

Vogelsang is the market leader in waste water disposal systems in the railway sector since more than twenty years; this know-how and the specific developed solutions have been transferred to the bus applications. There is no specific legislation regarding the waste water disposal from buses, so many on board toilets are cleaned unwillingly or simply are not ready to use because nobody wants to clean them afterward.

To solve this problem, we have developed the RoadPump and some collecting systems as the PumpPlug. We have different solutions, depending the needs of each application: it can be installed in small bus depots, in a public areas or private business, or even in a big petrol station on the highway. There are different solutions for using it once per week or several times per hour. In combination with the RoadPump we have developed and patented the PumpPlug, which is a suction nozzle to be installed in the waste water tanks of medium and long-distance buses. Thanks to it, the waste water from the bus tanks can be extracted in the easiest and cleanest way.

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Vogelsang has developed different systems to collect the residues and to pump them into the sewer system or into a intermediate tank, depending on the requirements of each application.


The PumpPlug is a suction nozzle developed and patented by Vogelsang for installation in the waste water tanks of medium and long-distance buses. It can be installed in nearly all buses in the market, and it is very easy to retrofit. A Kamlock connector connects the PumpPlug to a Vogelsang RoadPump extraction unit for an easy and convenient extraction of the waste water.

Large foreign matter such as cigarette lighters or paper towels are also extracted without difficulty. The PumpPlug is specially designed so it can be drained down to 3-5 mm above the tank bottom. The pivoting head with the coupling point allows maximum flexibility in installation and in daily use.

The PumpPlug removes the need for tank discharge via a gate valve in the bottom of the tank, eliminating the risk of contamination of the immediate environment and preventing unpleasant odors.

Benefits of the BusPlug:

  • Suitable for installation in new and existing buses
  • Easy disposal of the contents of waste water tanks
  • Also extracts large items of foreign matter
  • Suction tube can be adjusted to suit the depth of the individual tank
  • Pivoting head for maximum flexibility
  • Connected using proven Kamlock connector
  • Easy to dismount
  • Material resistant to chemicals
  • Two intake valves for pressure compensation in the tank
  • Fewer moving parts that can become worn than in conventional systems
  • No sealing groove, so no leakage from solid matter
  • Closed system with the RoadPump
  • No unpleasant odors; disposal possible in presence of passengers
  • No contamination of the immediate environment from imprecise disposal through opening in tank bottom
  • Individual labeling and customization


The CollectingMax consists of a large drip pan, which and employee or driver can quickly position under the outlet for toilet sewage on the bus. The system is easy to operate and fits to all bus types perfectly. The drip pan is designed to enable a rapid outflow and prevent sprays from toilet waste water. The CollectingMax is an efficient solution for smaller bus stations or bus depots, and also for rest stops. It can be used without difficulty by untrained personnel.

Benefits of the CollectingMax:

  • Suitable for all buses without need to install any accessory
  • Easy disposal of the contents of waste water tanks
  • Also suitable for large items of foreign matter
  • Made of stainless steel
  • No contamination of the intermediate environment


The CollectingStation is sunk permanently into the ground, so that the bus is simply driven over the collection unit. With a special positioning system, the driver is able to position the bus correctly above the collection unit. Once the wastewater is disposed of, the CollectingStation is automatically flushed with water to remove odors and toilet paper residue.

Benefits of the CollectingStation:

  • Suitable for all buses
  • Easy disposal of the contents of waste water tanks
  • Also extracts large items of foreign matter
  • Material resistant to chemicals
  • No contamination of the immediate environment thanks to the special design of the drip pan

Due to the individual needs of our customers, we customize our products to fit their specific needs. Our product range includes different models of RoadPump with several configurations and options.

The RoadPump can be installed o the ground with a heated housing for using it in petrol stations or rest areas, or can be used in a mobile form, where it is installed on a cart, for small bus companies or other similar applications.

There are many different features and options. The RoadPump Plus is designed with a control panel where the user can choose the different options, for example, the collecting system to use. The control system is very easy to use and it is made with icons and animations, which makes it able to be used worldwide without the need to adapt it. It exists the possibility to install different payment methods.

Case Studies RoadPump

Case Study - Goedde Reisen OHG - BusPlug

BusPlug: Simplified wastewater disposal from long-distance buses

Problem: insufficient sanitation during disposal; issues with odors and soiling
Solution: Vogelsang RoadPump with BusPlug

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Case Study - Rosenow truck stop - RoadPump

RoadPump: Hygienic disposal of wastewater from intercity buses at the service station

Problem: Lack of standardized solutions for hygienic wastewater disposal
Solution: RoadPump Plus, the supply and disposal system from Vogelsang

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Case study - TTS - RoadPump

Road Pump: hygienic wastewater disposal for coaches

Problem: insufficient sanitation during disposal; issues with odors and soiling
Solution: Vogelsang RoadPump with CollectingMax

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