The pumping system for vacuum waste water disposal

  • Low space requirements due to compact dimensions
  • High availability due to robust duty/standby pump arrangements
  • Uncomplicated system design without the need for bulky vacuum collection tanks
  • Easy and simple maintenance due to limited No. of system components
  • Closed system means that liquids and air are conveyed in the same operation
  • Insensitive to foreign matter and clogging
  • Pump technology that is self-priming and insensitive to dry running

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Transportation technology

Transportation technology

VacUnit - Reliable pump technology for vacuum wastewater disposal

With its VacUnit product range, Vogelsang offers proven vacuum pumping systems for use in vacuum waste water drainage systems.

VacUnit vacuum pumping systems are used worldwide in stationary toilet waste water disposal systems for passenger trains. Other applications including sanitary marine applications, boat waste water pump out systems, urban drainage systems or technical building equipment. The heart of the VacUnit pumping systems is based on Vogelsang VX series rotary lobe pumps. The VX pumps ability generate a strong vacuum allows to transport the effluent in a waste water-air mixture directly in the same working step. It is not necessary to separate the liquid and gas phases with the VacUnit, as is the case with conventional systems with correspondingly large vacuum collection tanks. Additional units and equipment to pump air and waste water separately are thus not required.

Compared to conventional vacuum pump stations, this reduces the number of technical components and thus the maintenance effort required to a minimum. Thanks to Vogelsang's "QuickService" concept, maintenance and service can also be done quickly and easily.

In addition to the classic version as a double pumping station, the VacUnit is also available as a single pump system. By using the VX100, VX136 and VX186 pump series, the VacUnit can be adapted to suit different requirements and capacities.

As a rule, the VacUnit vacuum pumping station is supplied as a factory-tested complete unit on a common frame with a preconfigured, integrated control system.

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The Vogelsang VX pumps used in the VacUnit are self-priming positive displacement pumps. The special design of the pumps, which are insensitive to dry running and foreign bodies, allows both the pumping of liquid media and efficient vacuum generation in vacuum drainage systems.

Vacuum drainage is one of the special drainage processes in waste water technology.

The driving force for the transport of waste water in the connected pipes is the pressure drop between the external ambient air pressure and the reduced pressure level within the pipe system.

The automatic control of the VacUnit ensures that the system typically  operates within a range of -0.30 to -0.60 bar.

During a suction process at a remote disposal station, the waste water thus enters the vacuum line. The air flowing into the vacuum piping system causes turbulent mixing of the liquid and air phases and accelerates the medium in the direction of the vacuum pumping station.

In this way, the mixture of waste water and air flows towards the VacUnit. The flow process is additionally supported by laying the vacuum line with a slight slope of approx. 0.2% in direction of flow.

The mixture of waste water and air sucked in by the VacUnit on the inlet side is then pumped directly via a pressure line to the desired discharge point or to a waste water treatment plant.

As the VacUnit does not require a vacuum collection tank, it is not possible for fibrous waste water contents to accumulate and become entangled in the system. The problem of impellers clogging due to fiber clumps like this, which is familiar in free-flow sewage pumps, is thus safely avoided.

The Vogelsang pumps, driven by three-phase electric motors, are also characterized by low noise emissions and particularly quiet running.

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