RotaCut RC5000 Inline: Foreign bodies, coarse materials and fibres in the sewage

Case Study - Sewage treatment plant in Krefeld


Blockages and damage to the displacement pumps of the sewage station


VOGELSANG RotaCut® 5000 Inline

The problem

Large quantities of sewage are treated at the sewage treatment plant in Krefeld. This resulted in repeated problems with stones and iron parts, or coarse material (pieces of wood, cleaning cloths). The pipes and downstream displacement pumps became blocked or were damaged.

The solution

On searching for suitable protective measures, Vogelsang’s RotaCut was found to be the answer. It separates all heavy foreign bodies reliably. Fibres and coarse material, and even large pieces of wood are shredded thanks to the AutoReverse controller. Blockages and damage to the pumps are now a thing of the past.

Due to the long runtime, the ACC system was selected from the outset, as it guarantees the optimal cutting pressure between the cutting screen and blades regardless of the wear. As a finishing touch, the Inline design meant that the existing pipes did not even have to be changed, the RotaCut system was simply installed in the existing piping network. No wonder that they also chose the RotaCut when expanding the plant. Today, 20-30 trucks empty their loads without problems at the three current sewage stations.

Foreign bodies, coarse materials and fibres in the sewage: No problem with Vogelsang technology.

Advantages of the Vogelsang RotaCut® Inline

  • Excellent separation of heavy materials (stones, pieces of iron etc.)
  • Excellent shredding of coarse material and fibres (cleaning cloths, pieces of wood etc.)
  • Easy to retrofit due to the Inline design

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