Engineered solutions for highly viscous and abrasive media
Robust and powerful industrial pumps and macerators

Whether in the gas and oil industry, the chemical industry, the food sector, or recycling – efficient and safe pumping of abrasive, aggressive or highly viscous media remains a major challenge in the transport and disposal process. Depending on the industry, it is important to do more than just ensuring a safe, trouble-free process. The pump technology must be adapted to the respective medium. While grapes must be transported to production in the best possible condition, packaging waste must be macerated before it is forwarded to make it pumpable. Rubber solutions, paints or detergents require particularly high suction power, while contaminated media or media with high solids content can push pumps and macerators literally to breaking point.

The pump and shredding technology used in the industry must therefore not only be extremely high-performance and low-maintenance, but also flexible and equally gentle and resistant. The elastomer-coated rotary lobe pumps invented by Helmut Vogelsang in 1970 owe their excellent reputation to their compact design and low maintenance requirements. The pumps operate pulsation-free, despite their high power. This protects the mechanical components and increases their lifetime. Add to this the company's experience and history of innovation. As a solution-oriented partner, Vogelsang always manages to develop new, application-specific pumps and machine combinations that meet changing customer requirements. Equally carefully tailored shredding technology supplements a product line that covers the widest possible range of functions and economy.

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Enjoy your wine with Vogelsang
What the Vogelsang wine pump can do for your wine

Pumping in a winery is an essential process. It needs to be smooth and gentle with the grapes and wine, in order to keep their organoleptic characteristics intact, but powerful and efficient to be able to complete pump-over and bottling without any trouble. Knowing the requirements of the market, we have developed a wine pump with all necessary accessories to let winemakers do their job and not worry about the pumping processes. If you would like to know what our customer from one of the biggest wineries in Italy thinks about our pumps after trying them for a while, watch the video.

To wine pump video

Applications in various industrial sectors

The filling, draining and cleaning of stationary tanks and tank vehicles requires high throughput, as well as toughness and precision. The fact that Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are also resistant to dry running is especially useful for complete pumping of a tank's contents. If this were not done, solid matter would collect at the bottom of the tank, gradually restricting its storage capacity. Due to the arrangement and thread of the lobes in industrial pumps from Vogelsang, the liquid is pumped evenly and without pulsation, independently of its viscosity. The design also ensures a high suction force. Using the innovative InjectionSystem, foreign matter (e.g. in waste oil) is also pumped collision-free, without damaging the lobes.

Vogelsang industrial pumps are equally suitable for the pumping of heating oil, vegetable oil, diesel or biodiesel in industrial ports or oil depots, as well as for pumping processes in tanker trucks or ships. The pumping direction of the highly efficient pumps is reversible, the compact design, especially of the IQ series, saves space and enables quick, cost-efficient on-site maintenance without the need for dismantling. A wide range of different lobes also allows the use of Vogelsang products for pumping substances such as heavy fuel oil, kerosene, petroleum or methanol in refineries. Even in membrane bioreactor technology for the reuse of process water in refineries, rotary lobe pumps are installed because the option to reverse the flow direction facilitates control of the backflow and pumping processes.

    Fighting oil spills on the surface of the water using rotary lobe pumps

    On the water and when fighting oil spills, time and safety are absolutely crucial for the successful prevention of environmental and human catastrophes. Their light weight and low space requirements along with their high pumping capacity make Vogelsang pumps highly valued for the construction of skimmers and side collectors. The combination of the unique rotary lobes and the housing design result in a smooth pumping action that prevents the emulsification of oil-polluted water. The self-priming pump technology overcomes height differences of up to eight metres, and is designed for pressures up to 16 bar. Mounted on a base or on a trolley, it thereby provides a highly efficient, mobile solution for the skimming of oil from the water surface.

    The hydraulic drive on the compact pumps also enables underwater intake and expulsion of the environmentally harmful medium, including possible foreign matter. Even solid matter of up to 90 mm does not interfere with the reliable pumping process. Depending on their configuration, these tried and tested, dry running resistant machines can even pump bitumen. They can do this in both directions, which is why they are often used to empty oil tanks and as feeder technology for centrifuges.

      Rotary lobe pumps in the chemical industry

      For a trouble-free, maintenance-friendly and cost-effective pumping process in demanding industries such as the chemical industry, performance is as important as flexibility. Mortars, paints, adhesives, soaps, lyes or acids all have their special features and are subject to very strict safety requirements. Non-contact rotating positive displacement pumps as employed by Vogelsang are specifically preferred for the pumping of highly viscous, aggressive and abrasive media, as they can move a variety of fluids safely, quickly, without pulsation.

      Vogelsang pump technology has proved itself in this area due to the particularly compact design of its industry pumps and their simple maintenance requirements. The space-saving design allows for installation in a confined space, enabling use in different procedures including with different dosages. For this reason, Vogelsang provides different pump types made of different materials. Also pump chambers and lobes of different shapes are designed for a specific application. No matter whether steel, stainless steel or nickel alloy, our closed-chamber pumping system with its exceptional suction and dry running performance, ensures maximum efficiency.

      Vogelsang industrial pumps can pump flowing media with viscosities of up to 100,000 mPas, including:

      • Mortars and plaster coatings
      • Paints and varnishes
      • Rubber solutions, glues and adhesives
      • Bitumen
      • Natural latex
      • Pesticides and chemical fertilisers
      • Soaps, shampoos, creams and pastes
      • Cosmetic raw materials
      • Acids, such as sulfuric acid, nitric acid, formic acid and acetic acid
      • Bases such as sodium lye, potassium hydroxide lye
      • Chlorine, dry chlorine or chloride media
      • Ceramic and other emulsions
      • Polymers
      • Hydrocarbons
      • Hydrogen peroxide, oils such as fuel oils, solvents or esters
      • Salt solutions, such as sodium sulfate
      • Kaolin or lime milk
      • Waste water from the chemical industry

      Pump technology for the sugar industry

      Highly viscous liquids containing abrasive solids such as sugar crystals in magma or massecuite are a major burden for pumps and other machinery involved in the pumping process. In addition to resistance to the abrasive properties of the medium, the technology must function correctly even at high temperatures. Sugar crystals should survive the process undamaged, so the pumping process needs to be gentle and even as well as tough.

      Thanks to their highly efficient, yet low-pulsation pumping and comparatively low speed, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are particularly suitable for use in the sugar industry. The robust and low-maintenance design of the machines also helps to minimise downtimes and there are many application options for the industry, as these pumps take up very little space.

      Pump technology in the wine sector

      While the pumping of must is still relatively undemanding in terms of technology, the pumping of whole grapes has much higher requirements. The pumping process needs to be gentle and the grapes must not be damaged before they are processed. Vogelsang industrial pumps can carry solid matter of up to 90 mm and their operation is particularly smooth and gentle due to their sophisticated design as well as their low torque.

      These are properties that are also beneficial for the wine, since it comes into contact with less oxygen. Alternatively, centrifugal pumps produce significantly more pressure, causing the sugar to separate, leading to a loss in quality in the end product. Progressive cavity pumps require more space than rotary lobe pumps and are less mobile and flexible.

      Pumps and grinding technology in the meat industry

      Blood, guts, bones, heads and hooves – the meat industry generates large quantities of this waste, some of which is critical to the food industry and must be disposed of professionally. In addition to effective and gentle pumping of viscous, shear-sensitive fluids, maceration of residual and waste materials also plays a major role in ensuring the most economical pumping processes.

      Thanks to the compact dimensions of Vogelsang pumps, they are ideal for integration within existing production processes. The intelligent lobes minimise vibrations, thereby preventing the formation of foam when pumping blood. Solid and foreign matter can either be pumped without damaging them or they can be shredded. A specifically designed combination of pumps and grinders is provided for this purpose: the RedUnit from Vogelsang. Using an XRipper and a RotaCut, large quantities of dry matter are grinded either finely or coarsely, making them easy to dispose of or use in subsequent processes. The size-reduction ratio is crucial (e.g. for use in biogas plants), as smaller particles provide a better surface area for bacteria, therefore generating more gas.

      The connection of pump and shredding technology in one processing step is a specialty of Vogelsang, as the company focuses on the effectiveness and efficiency of its products in the interests of its customers. Because it saves space and power while also being highly effective, the RedUnit is well-established not only in the food industry, but also in the waste management sector worldwide.

      Grinding and pumping fish waste

      Much like meat processing, the treatment and disposal of fish waste is a laborious process as it is subject to strict conditions. In addition to the need to shred bones and heads, etc., by-products such as fish oil and fishmeal must be processed just as carefully as the main product.

      Because these processes often take place on board the fishing vessel, the compact design of Vogelsang industrial pumps, as well as the RedUnit with pump and grinder, is extremely advantageous. Fish factories on land also appreciate these space-saving and energy-saving machines. The tough, low-maintenance design has proved to be highly effective and covers all the industry pumping processes due to the many design options, including variants such as stainless steel models for applications in the food sector. Technical additions such as Vogelsang dispensing technology also have had a positive impact.

      Vogelsang industry solutions for food and beverage production

      The processing or treatment of organic food waste such as fruit, vegetable or bread waste is not just a matter for the waste management industry. Food producers must also decide which grinder and pumps to use, since this waste can be used as a secondary source of income.

      For reasons of economy, combined machines with a pump and upstream macerator are also a proven solution in this area. This includes the Vogelsang RedUnit, as a combination of the XRipper for coarse shredding, the progressive cavity pump to transport the medium and the RotaCut for a defined size reduction of solid matter.

      Whether they are transporting chemicals, oils, or media for the food industry, transportation vehicles need to be filled and emptied quickly and precisely. Here, as everywhere, time is money and an inaccurate dose can be irresponsible or even dangerous. Pumps for tanker vehicles must therefore meet accordingly strict safety criteria and must not be too big or too heavy. These are conditions that often restrict performance.

      Due to their compact and yet powerful design, Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps are among the most ordered industrial pumps in the global transport and logistics sector. They can pump highly viscous or aggressive media of all kinds and can even pump fluids with coarse solid matter without getting clogged. This is due to the unique design of Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps, which also enables hassle-free maintenance without the need to dismantle the machine. Not that there is much need for maintenance, since Vogelsang products are extraordinarily robust, without pulsation and with very low wear. Another advantage of rotary lobe pumps on tanker vehicles is their reversible pumping direction. This represents a great advantage over progressive cavity pumps which must be installed in pairs - one for filling and one for draining.

      In the ceramic industry, even pumping of typically highly viscous and abrasive media is of great importance. This is because the homogeneity of sludge and glazes determines the quality of the final product. These kinds of slow-flowing media also require a high pumping power, necessitating high speeds and leading to strong shaking and jarring movements, depending on the pump design.

      Rotary lobe pumps are pulsation free and more energy-efficient and quieter than air-driven diaphragm pumps commonly used in this industry. Due to their compact design, the Vogelsang models in particular are extremely low-maintenance and easy to service. The product-specific arrangement of the lobes in the housing creates much greater suction force despite low torque, and also allows reversal of the flow direction. This rotary lobe technology is also resistant to dry running and extremely resistant to solid matter and impurities that can occur both in the sludge necessary for production and also in  washing and waste water. This is not only good for the product but also makes sense economically to use Vogelsang industrial pumps in ceramic production.

      Modern waste management has many facets. One of these is reprocessing of recyclable materials that end up in the bin. In addition to the separation of recyclable materials from actual waste and hazardous waste, efficient maceration of these materials represents a major challenge, as a huge amount of space is required for unprocessed cans and plastic packaging.

      Tough, twin-shaft macerators such as the XRipper from Vogelsang help to prepare coarse and high-volume solid matter for storage, transport and reuse. If you intend to pump the resulting coarse and fibrous matter, then you should use macerators. The RotaCut, invented and perfected by Vogelsang, has proven itself as a cost-effective solution worldwide, as it simultaneously removes foreign matter and heavy material from the mass, protecting downstream parts. Where required, the XRipper and the RotaCut are both available in a combined unit with a progressive cavity pump. This unit is the RedUnit from Vogelsang. This is a space-saving and cost-effective alternative because the RedUnit, like all Vogelsang products, is extremely durable and can help avoid downtime.

      Case studies of industrial applications

      Case Study - An Italian winery - Wine pump

      Problem: foam creation and irregular pumping
      Solution: wine pump VX136-140 QVVA

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      Case Study - La Torre di Castel Rocchero - VX186 with screw conveyor

      Problem: pumping of whole grapes
      Solution: rotary lobe pump VX186-260Q with screw conveyor

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      Case Study - La Torre di Castel Rocchero - Wine pump VX186

      Problem: inefficient must cooling
      Solution: wine pump VX186-140Q

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      Case Study - Cantina Salgari - Wine pump VX136

      Problem: poor pump-over efficiency; diffitulty achieving suction from underground tank
      Solution: wine pump VX136-140 QVVA

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      Case Study - Harold Scholz & Co. GmbH - Rotary lobe pumps IQ and VX series

      Problem: High noise levels in the production building; Self-priming pumps
      Solution: Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps: IQ and VX series

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      Case Study - Franz Fischer Spedition GmbH - Rotary lobe pump VX136-140Q

      Problem: The wide range of media compositions in the chemicals industry
      Solution: Vogelsang VX136-140Q rotary lobe pump

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      Case Study - Befesa Industrial Waste Management - Rotary lobe pump VX136-140Q

      Problem: Inefficient and high-cost pumping of hydrocarbons
      Solution: Vogelsang rotary lobe pump VX136-140Q

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      Case Study - J+B Küpers GmbH - Rotary lobe pump VX136-140Q

      Problem: Loading and unloading thermo trailers for petrochemical applications
      Solution: Vogelsang VX136-140Q rotary lobe pump

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      Case Study - Speier GmbH, Alexander Speier - Rotary lobe pump VX100-128Q

      Problem: High maintenance and material costs
      Solution: Compact VX100-128Q rotary lobe pump with QuickService

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      Case Study - KS-Recycling GmbH - Rotary lobe pumps with FPM lobes - VX136

      Problem: High levels of wear pumping brake oils
      Solution: Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps with FPM lobes

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      Case Study - Global Road Technology - Rotary lobe pumps, IQ and VX series

      Problem: Chemically aggressive media causes leaks in pumps
      Solution: Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps: IQ and VX series

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      Case Study - Potato processing industry - RotaCut RC3000 Inline

      Problem: Low-cost processing of potato pulp for use as feeding stuff
      Solution: Vogelsang RotaCut® 3000 Inline

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      BioCut: Trouble-free pumping of a blood/feather mixture

      Problem: Clogging and foaming blood due to deficient shredding
      Solution: Reliable treatment and pumping of a blood / feather mixture with BioCut RC5000 / VX136-70Q

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