Optimal cutting results, Maximum reliability
The Vogelsang ExaCut precision distributor for accurate slurry spreading

Slurry is a valuable resource for farming and the main requirement for the optimal use of slurry is even spreading. The proven Vogelsang ExaCut precision distributor does this and more – it cuts and precisely distributes the slurry. This makes spreading a safe and reliable process without fluctuations, which also promotes uniform plant growth. The ExaCut is also developed with the highest quality materials and perfected technology like a self-sharpening cutting unit and heavy material separator ensuring a consistently high performance and a long lifetime.

Join us at our stand 215 at the National Ploughing Chamopinships while we host continuous workshops on the ExaCut distributor covering aspects of design, operation and preventative maintenance. The demonstration will provide a better understanding of the ExaCut’s components and functions to ensure optimal performance.

National Ploughing Championships
Ballintrane, Fenagh, Co. Carlow
September 17 - 19, 2019
Block 1, Row 9, Stand 215

Trusted manufacturers in Ireland choose Vogelsang

The ExaCut ECL is the world's most successful and widely used distributor by Vogelsang. Hear what some of the trusted manufactureres in Ireland say about the ExaCut:

Michael A. O’Grady, Sales, Marketing & Business Development Manager of Abbey Machinery
“The key benefits of the ExaCut for us and our customers are it allows excellent management of the slurry to evenly spread, is trouble-free, easy to maintain and has a long servicelife. We have great peace of mind with Vogelsang Distributors.”

Barry O'Connor, Company Director of Connor Engineering
“The ExaCut distributor gives excellent chopping and distributing of slurry. We choose Vogelsang products because their products are both very well-designed and work very well!”

Garth Cairns, CEO of SlurryKat Ltd
“One of the best features of the ExaCut is its self-adjusting and self-sharpening knives. The build quality of the units is excellent.”

Eoin Keane, Irish Sales Manager, Hi-Spec Engineering
“We trust in the ExaCut because it is reliable and simple to operate. Vogelsang is a proven brand name and a trusted distributor that maintains a high-quality product. We choose Vogelsang due to brand strength, knowledge and build quality of their products.”

Barry O'Connor, Company Director, Conor Engineering
“The ExaCut distributor gives excellent chopping and distributing of slurry. And with a local Vogelsang in-house sales and service team, their customer service is excellent. Vogelsang products are both very well-designed and work very well!”

ExaCut ECL precision distributor - heart of nearly all spreading systems

Vogelsang Ireland dedicates itself to the ExaCut precision distributor as the centrepiece of spreading systems. High-quality steel, powerful rotors and cutting blades, and reliable safety systems ensure that the unit will function properly for a long time. The ExaCut ECL achieves excellent shredding and distribution performance with advanced rotor technology and a perfectly coordinated cutting unit.

  • Optimal distribution accuracy for even nutrient supply
  • Self-sharpening cutting blades
  • Compact housing with low weight
  • Heavy material separator
  • Wide variety – flexible use
  • Special sealing package for maximum operational safety

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