IrBEA’s Bioenergy Conference was all set for biogas development in Ireland

Promoting biogas opportunities with Vogelsang Ireland and industry leaders

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The common theme at IrBEA National Bioenergy Conference was that biogas is still an untapped renewable energy resource in Ireland and needs to be utilised to its fullest potential with government support of a feed-in tariff. Over 300 industry leaders and experts attended the conference in hopes to progress the bioenergy market in Ireland. Vogelsang Ireland was the main biogas technology exhibitor supporting the movement and consulting on process optimisation of biogas plants through reliable and sustainable technology.

This year’s theme at the recent IrBEA National Bioenergy Conference was on mobilising bioenergy through policy and action with an emphasis on the biogas industry. The 300 attendees from industry leaders to policymakers were eager to push the bioenergy market forward in Ireland and determine economical strategies to meet the 2050 energy transition objectives. Vogelsang Ireland was part of this movement to support the AD plants in Ireland and provide accurate advice on optimisation measures.

The common consensus was that biogas is still an untapped renewable energy resource in Ireland that needs to be utilised to its fullest potential with government support of a feed-in tariff. This idea was addressed during the Irish Bioenergy Association (IrBEA) CEO, Sean Finan, opening statement announcing that Ireland is all set to develop the biogas framework but requires the Government to establish a Renewable Energy Feed-In Tariff (REFIT). Finan acknowledged the great potential of biogas to sustain rural economies into the future and the number of industries that could benefit from it.

Other speakers included Michelle Kearney from the Department of Agriculture, Food and Marine presenting on the climate change agenda for agriculture and James Russell, Technical Director of Biocore, discussing the development of anaerobic digestion plants. James’ presentation addressed the project planning stages and steps involved in the construction of AD plants as well as the types of technology and equipment to consider for efficient operations. One such plant he used as an example is their 2 MW AD facility in Roscommon operating on various organic streams that are pasteurised in the process to comply to a Class A biosolid. This plant includes Vogelsang’s RotaCut macerator for chopping down fibres and reducing foreign matter and also integrates the PreMix to adequately feed input materials and produce a homogenous suspension for the digesters.

Vogelsang Ireland was on site to further educate attendees on how to make biogas plants fit for the future through process optimisation in terms of reliable technology. With Vogelsang Ireland’s extensive experience and long-time partners to the biogas industry in Ireland, their consultation lends in helping customers design, install and operate AD plants that will function at optimal efficiency with minimal operating costs. They offer a full range of biogas products and individual solutions for pumping, macerating and feeding, as well as for preparing cosubstrates and bio-suspensions throughout Ireland.

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