Vogelsang launches new trailing shoe linkage “BlackBird”

Trailing shoe with flow-optimized liquid manure discharge

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Essen/Oldb., 26 June 2019 – To coincide with this year’s Agritechnica Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG presents its new products for efficient liquid manure spreading and distribution. With its “BlackBird” trailing shoe linkage, the machine construction company from Lower Saxony, Germany, is launching an effective trailing shoe linkage with a flow-optimized liquid manure discharge.

“When it came to developing this new technology, we took into account the findings from our flow simulations as well as the flow rates of the liquid manure and tested a number of different shapes. The result is an ideal combination of a flow-optimized discharge that deposits the liquid manure even more precisely and a new skid geometry that separates the crops even better,” explains Henning Ahlers, Head of Sales Germany at Vogelsang.

The new, long, beak-like shape helps to ensure a controlled and even flow of liquid manure through every discharge, thus preventing the crops from getting contaminated during manure spreading. By actively applying pressure, the BlackBird’s pointed skid is better able to penetrate the soil, ploughing a small furrow for directly depositing the liquid manure under the crops.

Precision distributor with new service concept

The BlackBird incorporates the next generation of Vogelsang’s precision distributor ExaCut ECQ. The distributor is located in the center of the boom – the perfect position for ensuring that the liquid manure is distributed precisely and evenly. Large diameters and flow distribution plates keep the flow under control and ensure a high distribution accuracy of the liquid manure. In order to make maintenance of the ExaCut ECQ quicker and easier, Vogelsang has also altered its maintenance concept, adding a large maintenance port to allow direct access to all the system’s internal components. As such service work can now be carried out without dismantling the precision distributor or dismounting the cover and the outlet hoses and feed lines connected to it. Thanks to the QuickService concept maintenance on the ExaCut ECQ can be completed in just a few minutes. The power requirements have also been reduced – by up to 50 percent. This is due to the new rotor design and lower speeds. There is less strain on the cutting blades because of the reductions in speed and the internal pressure of the distributor, which extends the service life of the unit by up to 50 percent.

FEM-calculated supporting structures and sturdy leaf springs for longer service life

Vogelsang has also modified the hose layout to prevent the unit from creating a V-shaped imprint at the start of its furrows. The hoses themselves are black and are installed for the first time in the new trailing shoe linkage. The new leaf springs and their vibration cancellation technology ensure the unit’s stability, protecting the entire structure from excessive loads and reducing vibrations during transport on the road. Hydraulic cylinders with end-position damping keep the strain in the frame to a minimum during folding processes. As is standard procedure at Vogelsang, the BlackBird’s supporting structures are FEM calculated. This ensures that the supporting structures can withstand the daily strains they are subjected to, thus guaranteeing a long service life of the linkage.

The trailing shoe linkage is available in working widths of 12 and 15 meters and can be folded up to a transport width of 2.99 meters. Folding the linkage upwards activates the DropStop principle, which prevents the headland, streets and agricultural roads from getting contaminated.

Harald Vogelsang, Managing Director: “The new BlackBird trailing shoe linkage strengthens our position as an innovative pioneer in the agricultural industry and further sectors, underlining our aim to keep developing new technology close to customers and their requirements.”

About Vogelsang

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