DosiMat LVX

Maximum precision plus a multitude of configuration options

  • Top distribution accuracy thanks to a variation coefficient of less than 5%
  • Flexibly configurable: over 90 configuration options
  • Highly versatile in use, due to the almost limitless design options
  • Greater operational safety thanks to leak monitoring
  • Longer service life thanks to optimized cutting blade geometry

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

DosiMat LVX—maximum precision plus a multitude of configuration options

The main requirement for using liquid manure is even spreading. The Vogelsang DosiMat LVX precision distributor shreds and distributes liquid manure with high precision, with an excellent variation coefficient of less than 5%. This turns liquid manure spreading into a safe and reliable process, with the DosiMat LVX setting new standards. At the same time, the range of application of this distributor is very wide—including dribble bar systems, liquid manure cultivators, and Strip Tillage machines. With many configuration options available, Vogelsang offers a tailored DosiMat LVX for any application. The cutting blades shred fibrous matter safely and reliably. The blades used here boast a specially designed shape and the use of extremely wear-resistant steel, for 50% longer service life and optimum shredding. A special sealing package also improves operational reliability, as the hydraulic circuit is very well protected from the liquid manure. If maintenance should ever be required, the excellent maintainability of the DosiMat LVX will impress. In just a few steps, the precision distributor is ready for use again, and long downtimes are avoided. All in all, the DosiMat LVX is an excellent response to stricter fertilizer regulations.

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Safe separation of hydraulic oil and medium. The sealing package prevents the different substances from mixing. With this leakage check feature, leaks can be detected quickly and easily.
All Vogelsang precision distributors are equipped with ventilation. These ensure an even flow of liquid manure into the discharge hoses and a high distribution precision.
The contour of the cutting blades ensures that the best cutting results are always produced when working with fibrous matter.
Variations in viscosity and spreading capacity require different rotor geometries. The optimum rotor is configured for each individual application.
This safety device prevents the rotor from starting up unexpectedly when the cover is open. This is one of the fundamental requirements of the EU Machinery Directive.

Principle of operation - how the DosiMat works

The liquid manure flows into the DosiMat from above and is distributed evenly by the rotor. Fibrous matter and foreign objects are cut reliably by the cutting blades.

DosiMat LVX

Perfection in shredding and distribution

Up to 60 outlets, hose diameters of up to DN 60, and a range of rotor designs allow more than 90 different configurations for the DosiMat LVX precision distributor. It is used as a central distributor if, for example, many outlets are needed on one central distribution system. In such cases the DosiMat LVX provides unmatched precision for liquid manure distribution. It is typically used in liquid manure injectors, cultivators, and short disk harrows, for direct application of liquid manure to the soil.


  • Agriculture

    Technical Specifications

    Number of outlets
    05 - 60
    Hose diameter
    40 / 50 / 60 DN

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