ExaCut ECL

Optimal cutting results with maximum reliability

  • Self-sharpening cutting blade
  • Compact housing
  • Very smooth operation
  • Wide variety – flexible use
  • Very good cutting performance

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

ExaCut ECL – Maximum reliability with exact distribution

The Vogelsang precision distributor ExaCut ECL can not only be used centrally for optimum liquid manure distribution. Due to its high performance in the smallest of spaces, it is particularly suitable for decentralized use up to a working width of 36 meters. Using the rotor technology used here, the ExaCut ECL model distributes and cuts precisely and reliably in one operation. The heart of the system is a perfectly harmonized cutter. A well thought-out cutting ring geometry, self-sharpening cutting blades and a well thought-out combination of the materials used ensure a long service life and optimum material utilization thanks to low-wear operation. Typical applications include the booms of dribble hose or trailing shoe linkages. Due to the compact design, there are no problems with the transport width of 3 meters even in this application area. Due to the wide variety of models, we offer a custom-made ExaCut for every location - only in this way can we be sure that you can make optimum use of the nutrients contained in the liquid manure. The ExaCut ECL is equipped with a foreign matter separator as standard in order to protect the spreading equipment that is connected to the ExaCut and to prevent blockages.

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Precision distributors are the heart of every distirbution system. You want to know more about the Vogelsang precision distributors for precise and reliable nutrient distribution?

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The ExaCut distributors can be factory-fitted with side filling connections in different lengths and diameters. This allows flexibility in terms of connecting the distributor to the existing supply line.
Safe separation of hydraulic oil and medium. The sealing package prevents the different substances from mixing. With this leakage check feature, leaks can be detected quickly and easily.
The eccentric adjuster ensures that the cutting blades always exert a constant pressure on the cutting ring. Together with the optimized cutting blades, this guarantees consistent and reliable cutting performance.
All Vogelsang precision distributors are equipped with ventilation. These ensure an even flow of liquid manure into the discharge hoses and a high distribution precision.
The contour of the cutting blades ensures that the best cutting results are always produced when working with fibrous matter.
Heavy foreign matter, such as stones or pieces of metal, is collected for easy removal through a simple opening.


Comfort Flow Control (CFC) is the universal solution when it comes to shutting off hoses in any system: part-width section cut-offs, tramline switching or DropStop systems. The CFC is installed in the hose outlets of the spreader device, downstream of the distributor. Each hose or group of hoses can be shut off from the cab. The CFC is versatile and can be used in any unit – dribble bar systems, trailing shoe systems or tillage units.

Principle of operation - How the ExaCut ECL works

The ExaCut ECL is suitable for use as a complex precision distributor with a multitude of configuration options for virtually any area of application. It is typically used on the booms of dribble bar or trailing shoe linkages. However, it will also precisely distribute liquid manure to the individual discharge hoses when installed centrally on a cultivator or short disk harrow. At the same time, fibrous matter is shredded and foreign matter is removed by the foreign matter separator, for the protection of the entire spreading system.

With the ExaCut ECL precision distributor, the housing of the distributor is filled completely with liquid manure, which the rotors distribute evenly to the discharge points. The constant ventilation prevents suction from developing in the outlets.


  • Agriculture

    Technical Specifications

    Number of outlets
    18 - 48
    Hose diameter
    60 DN, 50 DN, 40 DN

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