Quality leadership in distribution accuracy and maintenance
Irish Field-Tested: Proven Performance in Demanding Conditions

The Vogelsang slurry macerator sets new standards, featuring the QuickService principle for easy maintenance. With servicing taking less than 20 minutes, downtime is minimised, especially during the slurry season. Its large maintenance opening gives direct access to all wear parts without disassembly from the spreading applicator. Plus, the ExaCut ECQ excels in slurry distribution accuracy, offering unbeatable coefficient of variation for even nutrient distribution to all hosepipes. The robust rotor and adjuster spring design of the ECQ macerator provides top cutting performance, especially for challenging materials like tough fibre or baled silage.

Furthermore, the heavy-duty ExaCut ECQ features a longer lifespan with its three-bladed rotor design, reducing rotational speed and internal pressure, extending service life by up to 50%. It also reduces power requirements by 50%, saving on energy and oil. The new design positively impacts pump power consumption with its open design and large cross-sections, enabling slurry intake and preventing pressure loss. The ECQ model has been engineered to effectively handle the challenging slurry conditions in Ireland, earning farmers' trust through their proven reliability in demanding environments.

"We use the Vogelsang ECQ slurry macerator because of the long life of wearing parts, easy part access with quick servicing and consistent and even distribution of slurry to all hosepipes.” ~ Alastair Brown, RG Brown Agricultural Machinery, Co Down