Demand-driven technology for economical supply and disposal
Vogelsang pump and disposal systems for rail vehicles, buses and boats

Commuters take the train to work. Families travel by train or bus on vacation. And people use their own boats for recreation on weekends. In all of these situations, operators of bus depots, railway depots, and marinas are faced with the challenge of disposing of the resulting wastewater properly, yet economically and simply. Refilling drinking water is often also relevant.

The Vogelsang range of drinking water and wastewater service facilities in the railway, bus, and boat sectors is extremely extensive:

  • Railway systems: In addition to VacUnits and TUnits solutions like the ReelUnits or CabinetUnits are also available for use in single or multiple-station systems. The range is supplemented with mobile solutions.
  • Bus systems: Vogelsang developed the RoadPump for disposing of wastewater from long distance buses and optionally for supplying drinking water.
  • Boat systems: The PierPump disposes of wastewater and bilge water from yachts and boats hygienically, quickly, and simply.

Supply and disposal with Vogelsang—Systematic solutions

Intercity passenger transportation is a time-critical business—punctuality is a selling point for potential passengers. The disposal of wastewater from on-board toilet tanks and refilling with water therefore has to be done quickly, reliably, and safe. Vogelsang’s supply and disposal systems for railway and bus companies or marinas are therefore not only designed for high performance, but also ensure reliable operation.

Systems for railway operation

Perfectly coordinated technology not only makes operation easier, it also reduces potential downtimes.

In the railway sector in particular, many individual components must interact to guarantee economical operation. As a result, Vogelsang offers a range of individual products for single-station and multiple-station systems.

The heart of our railway vacuum wastewater disposal system — the VacUnit

As the inventors of the elastomer-coated rotary lobe pump, Vogelsang reached a new milestone in pumping technology for viscous media as early as the 1970s. This technology makes the rotary lobe pumps used in disposal systems for railway companies self-priming up to a head of nine meters, which is space-saving and cost-efficient, as it eliminates the need for vacuum tanks and separate vacuum plus wastewater pumps. The VacUnit vacuum pumping station ensures trouble-free operation, and boosts capacity as required: It provides enough pumping power for simultaneous operation of multiple connected TUnits.

Wastewater disposal and drinking water filling with the TUnit

The Vogelsang supply columns for drinking water filling are as compact in design as they are flexible. The hoses on the TUnits provide a wide working radius and are equipped with an automatic hose retraction device. For protection against freezing temperatures, the hoses are also drained automatically after use. To prevent stagnation in the drinking water line, automatic hygienic rinsing can be offered as an optional extra to be carried out at preset intervals. Optional extras like fully automatic programming of the fill quantity, a signal system, or an additional hose for cleaning the waste tank allow the system to be customized to meet specific needs.

Mobile supply and disposal solutions by Vogelsang

It often makes sense to use mobile versions instead of stationary wastewater disposal systems. For maximum flexibility, Vogelsang offers self-propelled vehicles or trailers for this application. In addition to the proven Vogelsang VX rotary lobe pump for draining the railwaycar toilet tanks, both also contain a wastewater transport tank with a capacity of up to 2600 liters depending on the version. Besides the conventional disposal solutions, there are additional versions for Bioreactor toilet systems. There are also versions with additional flushing water tanks. If all you need is to be able to move the pump unit from place to place, a hand cart like the MobileUnit Eco is ideal for direct vacuum extraction and pumping of wastewater into the sewage system.

All mobile supply and disposal systems by Vogelsang are mounted on base vehicles from respected manufacturers, to ensure that they retain their mobile flexibility throughout their long lifetimes.

Vogelsang disposal systems for long distance busses

Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps for drinking water supply and wastewater disposal have been commonplace in train car service facilities for decades. They still impress with their performance and great tolerance to solid matter and foreign matter.

So it's no surprise that the secret to successful operation, our rotary lobe pumps, are now earning their keep in bus stations and rest stops. As the central element of the RoadPump, the rotary lobe pump once again proves its performance capabilities, while also saving space with its compact design.

Bus drivers and station staff are also grateful for the simple and reliable operation and maintenance. The mobile or permanently installed collection stations make vacuum extraction of toilet wastewater a hygienic, splash-free process. Additional options such as a code system for activation of the installation or a drinking water hose for hygienic filling round out the RoadPump range. On the vehicle, Vogelsang equips the wastewater tank with a special patented suction nozzle (the BusPlug).

Supply and disposal solutions for marinas

Disposal options for wastewater and bilge water from private boats are required by law in some countries; in other countries it is a matter of environmental awareness. As a result, more and more harbor and marina operators are supplementing their services with quick, easy-to-use vacuum disposal systems to accommodate their customers.

The PierPump, equipped with the proven self-priming Vogelsang rotary lobe pump, offers exceptionally reliable and trouble-free operation. The PierPump is available either as a mobile system or a stationary system. Use of Vogelsang systems also eases the work of harbor operators, as the rotary lobe pump—developed specifically for pumping viscous, highly contaminated media—is extremely durable and can even pump large foreign matter such as T-shirts and plastic parts without damage. Accordingly, repair work is rarely required. And if wear parts ever need replacing, opening the pump is a simple procedure.

The compact PierPump is available in various versions for different locations and requirements. It can also be equipped with an optional heating system to prevent frost, with a highly durable stainless steel housing, and various payment system options

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