Water supply and wastewater disposal station in a cabinet design

  • Available as service module for centralised systems oras stand-alone solution
  • Weatherproof, insulated cabinet design, suitable for outdoor use
  • Simple and convenient hose management
  • Automatic hygienic flushing of the drinking water filling device
  • Access from both sides of the cabinet

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CabinetUnit - Supply and disposal station in a cabinet design

The Vogelsang CabinetUnit is a compact service station for wastewater disposal and the supply of drinking water. In multi pointsystems, it is connected to a central vacuum pumping station as a remote satellite station. The stand-alone version is equipped with an integrated vacuum pumping system. In both versions, the CabinetUnit is offered with an insulated, weatherproof housing which contains all of the equipment for the hygienic supply of water and for the safe disposal of waste water from passenger trains. The stand-alone version of the CabinetUnit can optionally be equipped with a storage compartment and a sink compartment with water taps for the supply of cleaning fluids used for the internal cleaning of passenger trains.

The facilities for the supply of drinking water and the disposal of wastewater in the CabinetUnit are hygienically separated and housed in separate areas of the cabinet. The compartments are accessible from both sides via generous doors. In this way, the supply and disposal hoses are protected from weather and can be taken out by the operator on both sides of the aisle between the tracks.

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Our products with VX series rotary lobe pumps are constructed according to an ingenious design concept, called QuickService design. This concept makes maintenance and repair of the equipment particularly easy. Systems are available again in a very short time, with downtimes minimized
The standalone version of the CabinetUnit can be expanded with additional modules. A storage module for cleaning supplies can be added to the CabinetUnit as well a sink & water supply compartment. The latter makes the media needed for cleaning train interiors available directly on the unit.
On the TUnit and CabinetUnit, all the essential fittings and connections are contained in a housing to protect them from external influences and extreme weather conditions.
Various couplings for drinking water and wastewater are available to match the systems needs. The coupling for drinking water meets all the requirements for drinking water imposed by the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA).
For orderly and secure installation, Vogelsang normally supplies an installation frame. This frame, designed for setting in concrete, allows secure positioning and installation of the supply and disposal lines. If a height adjustment is required to bring the unit up to an existing working level, a customized adapter frame can be provided.


For safety at work the CabinetUnit and TUnit can be equipped with rail-approved post top working lights.
Automation systems, such as preselection of filling volume and automatic switch-off on vacuum extraction stations, remote maintenance access, and automated operating data acquisition, allow economical use of resources and improvements in process efficiency.
If the systems need to be accessible for various different users, TUnits, CabinetUnits, and CleanUnits can be equipped with an authorization system. The systems are unlocked when the user logs in at a locally installed authorization module. A central operating data acquisition system can be implemented to provide the plant operator with required user & operational process data.
To ensure safe operation outdoors even at freezing temperatures and to protect the technical equipment from frost, optional electric heating elements can be used.
The systems can be fitted with an optional data acquisition system: important operating parameters such as filling and rinsing cycles can be recorded, saved, and analyzed.
If there is a need to record process data or to automate water filling or wastewater disposal processes, the TUnit and CabinetUnit can be fitted with the required technical equipment such as flow monitoring and control elements.
The drip-free suction coupling EasyConnect Plus makes easy work of hygienic disposal of sanitary collection tanks, even in sensitive areas such as workshops. The patented valve design ensures drip-free vacuum extraction. The installation of additional components at the rail car is not required if using the Vogelsang EasyConnect Plus. The exceptionally compact dimensions of the EasyConnect, together with its low weight and integrated hose swivel joint, make working with the EasyConnect Plus highly ergonomic.
An additional, external drainage device can be provided for the purpose of draining heavy or bulky receptacles such as wet vacuum cleaners. This device is embedded in the walkway outside the cabinet and can be fitted with heating and a walk-on-able grating cover.
The optional radio remote control enables functions such as the operation of valves or the automatic winding of hoses at the press of a button.
If the water tank aboard vehicle has an external interface for filling level monitoring, our water filling systems can be equipped with automatic switch-off device. This is done using so-called “ICE” radio modules, which are inserted in the corresponding plug contact on the train and wirelessly transmit the filling level in the drinking water tank to the filling station.
The Vogelsang CabinetUnit, TUnit, ReelUnit, and RoadPump all have an automatic hose retraction system ensuring gentle and ergonomic hose handling.
If additional rinsing of the toilet reservoir tank is required in addition to the usual wastewater disposal, rinsing hose accessories can be added to the CabinetUnit and the TUnits.
If the customer requests, units can be fitted with visual and audible signaling equipment such as beacons and loudspeakers. These can be controlled locally, or from a central control facility.