Mobile wastewater disposal solutions for the railway sector

  • Wide range of transport equipment solutions
  • Maximum tank capacity in an extremely compact design
  • Robust Vogelsang pump as combined vacuum extraction and discharge pump can be used flexibly, at any location
  • Lightweight plastic waste water transport tank
  • Ready for use at the push of a button

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Transport engineering

Transport engineering

MobileUnit - Mobile solutions for the disposal of waste water

Vogelsang offers mobile waste water disposal solutions in various designs for flexible, location-independent use. Depending on the technical requirements and local conditions, different vehicle designs and tank capacities can be selected. In addition to self-propelled vehicles, industrial trailers and pedestrian-controlled fixed-platform trucks are also available as platforms to transport the disposal system. If no transport tank is required, a proven Vogelsang pump unit can be used on a trolley.

Emission-free electric platform trucks have proven their worth for use in workshops and maintenance halls. These allow the disposal equipment to be independently powered by the transport vehicle's own battery. Of course, the units can also be offered with a traditional power cable, which is then connected to the customer's mains supply.

For outdoor use without a mains connection, variants with an integrated generator or with direct drive of the pump via a combustion engine are available.

The mobile waste water disposal systems are equipped with a powerful Vogelsang rotary lobe pump from the VX series. The self-priming, positive displacement pump can be used to both extract the contents out of the train's toilet retention tank and to empty the transport tank later on. This allows a simple and weight-saving design of the system. For customers this means a high transport capacity combined with a compact design.

Additional equipment options are also available. For example, an extra water reservoir with tank flushing facilities or a heated weather protection enclosure for the mobile plant.

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Vogelsang is the specialist for supply and disposal as well as cleaning solutions in the railway, bus and boat sectors. We also offer our customers solutions for operational data management in these markets.

If you would like to find out why we are number one for supply and disposal in the German rail sector, then visit our world of transport technology.

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Our products with VX series rotary lobe pumps are constructed according to an ingenious design concept, called QuickService design. This concept makes maintenance and repair of the equipment particularly easy. Systems are available again in a very short time, with downtimes minimized


Activated carbon filters are optionally available for the purpose of foul air odor control.
To ensure safe operation outdoors even at freezing temperatures and to protect the technical equipment from frost, optional electric heating elements can be used.
An optional tank rinsing facility is available for some MobileUnits. This consists of an additional water tank with a water pump and matching hose accessories. Supplementary rinsing of the wastewater reservoir tank on the train can improve the cleaning result.