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Optimise your biogas plant with PreMix digester feeding system

In order to allow economical operation of your biogas plant, technology must be reliable and efficient. Digester feeding has a key function in this and we've developed proven systems for feeding solid matter in a mashed form that promotes bacteria.

Our PreMix digester feeding system for reliable and optimal digester feeding ensures maximum biogas production. The compact 4-in-1 digester feeding system allows you to incorporate a wide range of input materials such as food waste or fibrous silage in a well-mixed form and turns them into a homogenous suspension.

Experience the PreMix and our other innovative technologies at the largest international trade show dedicated solely to anaerobic digestion and biogas, UK AD and World Biogas Expo 2019. This expo is a unique platform to demonstrate a variety of AD solutions and offers a combination of industry insight, innovation and investment opportunities from around the globe.

UK AD and World Biogas Expo
3 – 4, July 2019
NEC, Birmingham UK
Stand C601

PreMix digester feeding system in Action

The 1 MW BioCore biogas plant located in County Roscommon, Ireland and generates heat and energy from wastewater sludge (90%) and grease from grease traps (10%). With sewage sludge and local waste streams coming into the plant, there is variable consistency of feedstock being fed into the digesters. Therefore, they needed a digester feeder that could handle a wide range of input materials and the ability to process difficult substrates and fibrous material safely and efficiently.

Together with their plant construction company, BioCore decided to use the robust Vogelsang PreMix solid matter feeder. The PreMix reliably handles the variable consistency of feedstock and also efficiently treats the sludge removing any foreign bodies like stones. The 4-in-1 system shreds un-treated solids and mixes together the variety of biomass to turn it into a homogenous suspension. Overall, the operations are running smooth and the plant is successfully producing energy from sewage sludge.

"We chose Vogelsang because it is a trusted name and we could rely on their technology. The PreMix reliably and consistently shreds and mixes the feedstock," said James Russell, Director at BioCore Plant.

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The versatile PreMix digester system for any substrate

The PreMix cleverly combines the CC series progressive cavity pump and the RotaCut macerator. The PreMix performs four functions: separates heavy objects, mixes liquid and input materials, macerates coarse matter and pumps the well-prepared suspension into the digester. Therefore, the PreMix digester feeding system allows you to incorporate a huge range of different solids in a well-mixed form and turns them into a homogenous suspension to foster bacteria.

PreMix digester feeding system benefits at a glance:

  • Treats a wide range of cosubstrates into a well-mixed form
  • Separates heavy material and macerates coarse matter
  • Compact dimensions, easy to integrate
  • Feeding of several digesters with a single system


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