Vogelsang tank filling stations

  • Convenient and quick filling
  • No complicated connection and disconnection of hoses
  • Can be transported with any tractor

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

FillMaster - the tank filling station for agricultural applications

The FillMaster tank filling station is your ideal partner for filling tanks. It enables convenient and quick filling of tankers from containers or digesters. The power of this filling system can fill tanks of any size in a short time. It also puts an end to complicated connection and disconnection of the hoses. The tank is simply filled from above via a T-System column or connecting piece. We offer the FillMaster as a mobile or stationary tank filling station. The station can be transported quickly from one location to another via a three-point base that can be transported by any tractor. This variant of the tank filling system is equipped either via a Vogelsang rotary lobe pump or as a stationary system with the Vogelsang PowerFill. Optionally, it can be supplemented with the RotaCut wet macerator with an integrated heavy material separator. For example, this prevents stones entering the tank. It is generally powered via the PTO shaft. The RotaCut is largely powered via a hydraulic motor using the tractor’s hydraulics. We use hose brackets to secure it when driving on roads, making it easier to transport. That means preparing the FillMaster for use is quick and everything is simple to connect.

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FillMaster M

The mobile tank filling station

The FillMaster M is the mobile tank filling station by Vogelsang. Mounted on a three-point base, this filling unit can easily be transported on any tractor. We offer two different variants for filling. On the tanker, filling can be implemented with a hose and connecting piece with a Perrot coupling. Another option is filling from above via a riser pipe with boom. The mobile variant of the FillMaster always has a heavy material separator. This prevents stones entering the tanker. It can be equipped with a rotary lobe pump from the VX series.


  • Agriculture

    Technical Specifications

    max. Capacity
    660 m3/h
    Max. pressure
    6 bar

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