ExaCut ETX

Optimum economic efficiency when spreading liquid manure

  • Wide range of spreading capacities
  • Counterweight for extremely smooth operation
  • Very good cutting performance
  • Wear-resistant
  • Low power requirements

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

ExaCut ETX – Optimal spreading accuracy with minimal operating costs

The Vogelsang precision distributor ExaCut ETX works with the well-known eccentric distribution principle. This has been significantly improved by Vogelsang in terms of smooth operation and lateral distribution accuracy. The optimized flow guidance system of the ExaCut ETX operates with a very low variation coefficient. This enables an optimal distribution of the nutrients contained in the product. By using an oscillator, the shredding of fibrous and foreign materials can be done trouble-free and with low energy consumption. Thus the ExaCut ETX stands for low-wear operation and enables a long service life. Three eccentric adjusters ensure continuous pressure of the cutting blade against the strainer. If necessary, they can be changed very quickly and the cutting blade is replaceable, thus minimizing downtimes. This ExaCut is equipped with a heavy material separator. This makes it possible to remove stones etc. without any problems.

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In order to ensure extremely quiet running, the ExaCut ETX comes with a sophisticated special counterweight system that keeps vibrations to a minimum during operation. This feature is unique to the ExaCut ETX.
The ExaCut distributors can be factory-fitted with side filling connections in different lengths and diameters. This allows flexibility in terms of connecting the distributor to the existing supply line.
Safe separation of hydraulic oil and medium. The sealing package prevents the different substances from mixing. With this leakage check feature, leaks can be detected quickly and easily.
The eccentric adjuster ensures that the cutting blades always exert a constant pressure on the cutting ring. Together with the optimized cutting blades, this guarantees consistent and reliable cutting performance.
All Vogelsang precision distributors are equipped with ventilation. These ensure an even flow of liquid manure into the discharge hoses and a high distribution precision.
The contour of the cutting blades ensures that the best cutting results are always produced when working with fibrous matter.
The oscillator moves the cutting blade over the cutting ring of the ExaCut ETX in an eccentric motion. This significantly reduces power consumption and also shreds problematic fibrous and foreign matter.
Heavy foreign matter, such as stones or pieces of metal, is collected for easy removal through a simple opening.
The flow plate evenly and reliably distributes the liquid manure within the distributor.


Comfort Flow Control (CFC) is the universal solution when it comes to shutting off hoses in any system: part-width section cut-offs, tramline switching or DropStop systems. The CFC is installed in the hose outlets of the spreader device, downstream of the distributor. Each hose or group of hoses can be shut off from the cab. The CFC is versatile and can be used in any unit – dribble bar systems, trailing shoe systems or tillage units.

Operating principle - How the ExaCut ETX works

The ExaCut ETX can be integrated into spreading systems either as a centralized or decentralized installation. The ExaCut ETX uses an eccentric distribution technique. Its unique flow guidance system features a minimal variation coefficient. This ensures a very good, even distribution of the manure to the individual discharge points. When developing the ExaCut ETX, special attention was paid to making it work quietly, with extremely low vibration. The precision distributor achieves this with its unique counterweights that balance out the vibrations of the oscillating rotor. For the user, this results in significantly longer service life and a reduction in failures and downtime. Three eccentric adjusters make sure the blade is pressed against the cutting ring continuously, so the cutting results remain excellent at all times.

The ExaCut ETX precision distributor distributes the liquid manure with a targeted flow. An oscillator and a flow plate are used to direct the liquid manure to the left and the right, to the individual outlets. The constant ventilation prevents suction from sealing off the individual outlets. Meanwhile, the eccentric cutting action shreds fibrous matter.


  • Agriculture

    Technical Specifications

    Number of outlets
    30, 40, 48

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