A new dimension in precision

  • High distribution precision thanks to optimized precision distributor position and sophisticated hose layout
  • More precise liquid manure spreading with optimized manure discharge and new skid shape
  • High stability thanks to vibration cancellation technology in the leaf springs
  • Long service life for linkages, hoses and skids
  • Easy assembly and retrofitting on any tanker

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

Superior nutrient absorption thanks to precise spreading with the BlackBird

The nutrients in the liquid manure only have the optimum effect if they are placed where the crops can absorb them best. This is why every single element of Vogelsang’s BlackBird trailing shoe system is designed to offer maximum precision.

The BlackBird gets its name from the nozzle of the trailing shoes, which have a long, beak-like shape that slows down the flow rate of the liquid manure before it leaves the dis-charge. This unusual geometry is the result of our flow simulations, and allows the liquid manure to be deposited at the base of the plants in a controlled manner that does not cause splashes or contaminate the plants. Its new, pointed shape helps the BlackBird’s skids penetrate the soil better, and also improves service life.
In addition to this, the centrally positioned precision distributor and sophisticated hose layout also help to improve the precision of the trailing shoe. The fact that the hoses are all the same length also plays a significant role in this. At the same time, the sophisticated hose layout prevents the system from creating V-shaped grooves at the start of its furrow. The discharge hoses are black for optimum UV resistance.

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Worldwide number one – The BlackBird® and the ExaCut ECQ
Quality leadership in distribution accuracy and maintenance.

The ExaCut ECQ precision distributor was put through its paces when Vogelsang faced up to the strict test criteria of the DLG product testers. And it was a success. According to the DLG evaluation scheme, the precision distributor achieved the grade “Very good” in the test modules “Functionality and work quality” and “Handling, operation and maintenance” from the DLG testing framework for liquid manure application technology. The 15 m wide Vogelsang BlackBird trailing shoe system was tested with two ExaCut ECQs.

Customers benefit from excellent values in distribution accuracy and time. Both for liquid manure spreading and maintenance, which is unbeatable with a maximum of 20 minutes compared to conventional precision distributors.


Liquid manure, a valuable commodity, must be spread evenly and reliably in the distribution hoses. Vogelsang precision distributors permit precise distribution of the nutrients with a distribution coefficient of less than 5 percent. This makes spreading a safe and reliable process without fluctuations – which also guarantees even plant growth.

The discharge hoses on the Vogelsang dribble bar systems all have similar lengths, thanks to the optimized hose layout. The liquid manure reaches the soil almost simultaneously from each one, and spreading across the entire working width and length is also guaranteed. This not only ensures optimum lateral distribution accuracy in the linkage, but also prevents the V shape that can otherwise form.
When driving on the road, the hoses of the dribble bar system are rotated upward 180° so that they are vertical. This reliably prevents leakage and keeps the road clean and safe.
The hose is a key factor in spreading technology. As such, the hose material and composition of the plastic have been developed specially for Vogelsang over several decades. The combination of raw materials that we use for our special hose is characterized by high robustness, elasticity, and UV resistance. This makes the hoses resistant to the effects of chemicals and environmental influences. The unique manufacturing technique we use for our rigid end hoses brings additional benefits. The hose sections used as end hoses are always straight and absolutely dimensionally stable. Your advantage: there is no need for guide elements, which are heavy and prone to wear, and the hoses always remain open and do not stick. Furthermore, this rigid end hose configuration ensures defined strip spacing.

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  • Agricultural technology

    Technical Specifications

    Working width
    12 m, 15 m, 18 m
    Number of outlets
    60, 48, 72

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