Railway bioreactor toilet cleaning system

  • Specially designed for cleaning on-board bioreactor waste water treatment systems
  • Fully automated operation with various service programs
  • Integrated descaling options
  • Various configurations, mobile or stationary, can be realized according to customer requirements

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Transportation technology

Transportation technology

BioUnit - The Bioreactor toilet cleaning system

The BioUnit is a special cleaning device to service advanced bioreactor toilet systems on-board of trains and rolling stock vehicles. The BioUnit is capable to automatically dispose of the contents of bioreactor sytems as well as providing cleaning cycles to maintain a safe long-live system operation. Beside the regular cleaning procedures required every 2-3month, special chemical and descaling cycles can be carried out to perform a full system recovery of the bioreactor waste water treatment unit.

The BioUnit system can be provided as a mobile or stationary solution and can be used both indoors and outdoors.

Thanks to the modularity of the system, different cleaning programs can be preselected to meet the cleaning requirements of the bioreactor model which shall be serviced.

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Vogelsang is the specialist for supply and disposal as well as cleaning solutions in the railway, bus and boat sectors. We also offer our customers solutions for operational data management in these markets.

If you would like to find out why we are number one for supply and disposal in the German rail sector, then visit our world of transport technology.

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Activated carbon filters are optionally available for the purpose of foul air odor control.
Our products with VX series rotary lobe pumps are constructed according to an ingenious design concept, called QuickService design. This concept makes maintenance and repair of the equipment particularly easy. Systems are available again in a very short time, with downtimes minimized
The BioUnit is equipped with technical devices for descaling of the bioreactor collecting tank.
Our products for the transport sector (rail, bus, and ship applications) are available as either stationary or mobile systems. In their stationary versions, BioUnit, PierPump, and RoadPump are permanently mounted at the designated installation location. Optional indoor and outdoor installation is possible. For the mobile versions, various carrier systems are used that permit use in any location.


Automation systems, such as preselection of filling volume and automatic switch-off on vacuum extraction stations, remote maintenance access, and automated operating data acquisition, allow economical use of resources and improvements in process efficiency.
To ensure safe operation outdoors even at freezing temperatures and to protect the technical equipment from frost, optional electric heating elements can be used.
The systems can be fitted with an optional data acquisition system: important operating parameters such as filling and rinsing cycles can be recorded, saved, and analyzed.
The BioUnit can be optionally fitted with a twin-shaft grinder, the Vogelsang XRipper. The XRipper shreds all kinds of disruptive matter, thus simplifying further pumping or preparation of the wastewater.