Decentralized cleaners cabinet for interior cleaning facilities and workshops

  • Local supply of cleaning media directly at the place of use
  • Integrated supply of cold and hot water
  • Detergent dispensed at the touch of a button
  • High-quality stainless steel versions
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

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CleanUnit – The Vogelsang cleaning cabinet for buses and trains

For almost all work processes, the shorter the distance between the place of work and the supply facility and the more ergonomic the handling of the technical aids is, the more efficiently employees can carry out their tasks.

This idea has been consistently implemented in the development of the CleanUnit service stations. All the functions required for an efficient cleaning have been combined in a compact and robust cabinet module. Apart from providing cold or warm washing water, the CleanUnit also offers an obligatory sink in its wet cell. Here, cleaners can dispose of the dirty water produced during cleaning easily and in an environmentally friendly manner.

When cleaning vehicle interiors, it is also crucial that the cleaning agent concentrates & the water used are always provided in the optimum mixing ratio. Depending on the model, the CleanUnit has up to 4 dosing devices that produce a ready-mixed, ready-to-use washing solution of hot water and detergent at the touch of a button.

The results of the cleaning are thus consistently good, cleaning agents are added precisely and used sparingly, which not only saves money but also preserving the environment. If cleaning devices such as dry or wet vacuum cleaners are used, our CleanUnits offer various socket combinations for a power supply close to the workplace.

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The CleanUnit features an stainless steel sink for disposal of collected grey water.
For orderly and secure installation, Vogelsang normally supplies an installation frame. This frame, designed for setting in concrete, allows secure positioning and installation of the supply and disposal lines. If a height adjustment is required to bring the unit up to an existing working level, a customized adapter frame can be provided.
The housing of the cleaning media cabinet is normally made entirely from stainless steel, making it suitable for both indoor and outdoor facilities. The door elements of the CleanUnit are constructed in a sturdy sandwich design.


If the systems need to be accessible for various different users, TUnits, CabinetUnits, and CleanUnits can be equipped with an authorization system. The systems are unlocked when the user logs in at a locally installed authorization module. A central operating data acquisition system can be implemented to provide the plant operator with required user & operational process data.
To ensure safe operation outdoors even at freezing temperatures and to protect the technical equipment from frost, optional electric heating elements can be used.
An additional, external drainage device can be provided for the purpose of draining heavy or bulky receptacles such as wet vacuum cleaners. This device is embedded in the walkway outside the cabinet and can be fitted with heating and a walk-on-able grating cover.
In addition to a cold water tap, the CleanUnit can also be fitted with a water heater upon request. Integrated scald protection ensures that the user can draw warm water safely.
The CleanUnit comes with an integrated or optional storage module, depending on the model. This separate area is fitted with shelves and allows protected local storage of cleaning supplies and sanitary products
The CleanUnit can be fitted with a customized socket outlet combination for local supply of power. This allows external devices such as vacuum cleaners or high-pressure cleaners to be used at the unit.
The CleanUnits can be fitted with up to four cleaning agent dispensing devices, depending on the model. The canisters containing the liquid cleaning agent concentrate are stored in a separate protected compartment under the sink.
The CleanUnit cleaning media station can be equipped with optional accessories, such as emergency eyewash and shower units, soap dispensers, first aid kits, and various lighting, warning, and signaling equipment