Weatherproof cabinets with all cleaning services in one station

  • All interior cleaning services in only one station
  • Supply of hot and cold water
  • Integrated cleaning agent dispensers
  • Made of stainless or other high resistant materials
  • Weatherproof, optional heating system

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The cleaning solution in one station

Everything in one station: services teams find everything they need for a fast and efficient cleaning of the interior of coaches in one place, which reduces the need for extra walkaways, service time, and therefore costs. The Vogelsang cleaning cabinets include an automated dispensing function for cleaning solutions, which keeps the costs for the cleaning of the interior of coaches low and protects the environment from an extensive detergent use.

Vogelsang is a leading provider of waste water management systems and solutions for internal cleaning for passenger rail coaches. In fact, we are the main supplier for Deutsche Bahn, the number one local and national train service in Germany. Leading companies like ÖBB and Irish Rail have come to rely on Vogelsang for our expertise in train coach service systems.

Our product portfolio include several cleaning cabinet models, all of them made in stainless steel or even in an isolated sandwich structure housing for extreme weather temperatures. They offer different features and options, as for example shelf extension for extra storage area, power supply, soap dispensers or even an external lighting option for a 24/7 operation.

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Vogelsang is a specialist for supply and disposal as well as cleaning solutions in the railway, bus and boat sectors. We also offer solutions for data management for those markets.

If you want to find out, why we are the number one in supply and disposal solutions in the german railway sector, then have a look at our transportation world.

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The body and the doors of the cleaner cabinet are made entirely of stainless steel and are suitable for installation indoors and outdoors. Door elements of the MSV cleaner cabinet are executed in a robust sandwich construction featuring durable rotary catches for locking the doors.
The CleanUnit has a stainless steel sink, where waste water can be disposed. The sink is equipped with a siphon and a grate for setting down buckets.
For proper and safe installation the cabinet has a preassembled mounting frame, which facilitates secure positioning and installation of the supply and waste piping. If a height adjustment is needed, we also have an individual adapter frame available.


For extreme weather conditions we can offer a cleaner cabinet in a sandwich construction, which includes an internal thermal insulation.
The CleanUnit can be equipped with an additional power supply, which makes it possible to connect external devices, such as a vacuum or a high pressure cleaner. Various power socket combinations can be installed.
The cabinet can include optional storage compartment, which are usually equipped with shelves for storing cleaning tools, sanitary paper and other materials.
In addition to a cold water tap the cleaning cabinet can be equipped with a local supply of hot water. There is also an adjustable anti-scald device panel including all the valves, fittings and piping. The connectors and piping are located under the sink for the wastewater drainage and fresh water supply.
The cabinets can be equipped with dispensers in order to save cleaning medium and increase the efficiency. A certain number of standard containers with concentrate detergents can be stored protecting from external access below the sink.
To ensure safe operation even in subzero temperatures and to protect the cabinets or pumps, electric heating elements as well as heating pipes can be used optionally. The heating system is equipped with temperature sensors and an automatic temperature control.
For emptying big containers, an external connecting sink is available. This external collecting sink is installed outside of the cabinet and can be equipped with a walkable grating and heating.
If desired, the media cabinet can be equipped with additional accessories, such as an emergency eye wash and safety shower, soap dispenser, first aid kit, or even lighting, warning and signal devices.


  • Railway coaches
  • Buses
  • Metro

    Technical Specifications

    Water supply system UIC
    Extraction coupling
    Wet cell

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