Electrokinetic disintegration for higher gas yields and reduced disposal costs
The electrokinetic desintegration system BioCrack for wastewater applications

The objective of every sewage treatment plant is eliminating as much of the contamination in the wastewater as possible with the lowest effort possible. And those are precisely the strengths of electrokinetic disintegration with BioCrack. Treating the sludge breaks down aggregates and colloids. As a result, the micro-organisms can access the nutrients easier, more of the contamination is degraded. If the sludge is stabilized anaerobically in digestion towers, this can increase the gas or electricity yield by up to 15 percent. The costs for third party energy purchases are reduced, as are floating and sinking layer volumes. At the same time, the sludge viscosity is lower after treatment, decreasing the power consumption of pumps and mixers. Wastewater treatment in sewage treatment plants without sludge digestion can also be optimized with electrokinetic disintegration: The sludge treatment breaks down EPS structures, allowing better drainage of the sludge. This reduces the costs for sewage sludge disposal and flocculent requirements. In addition, the reduced viscosity decreases the energy requirements for ventilation. The system ensures stable process workflows and is generally easy to integrate and retrofit in the existing workflow, e.g. in the digester tower circulation line or the digester tower feeder. If no digester is installed, the return sludge can be treated before it is fed to the activation phase.

Features of the BioCrack

The BioCrack housing, which also serves as the outer electrode, is made of stainless steel. That makes the modules robust and resistant to corrosion – internal and external.
The electrode in the interior of the BioCrack module is protected by a casing consisting of a one-piece PE housing without joints and connections. That means that no medium can come in contact with the electrode and cause trouble.
The software of the digital power supply continuously monitors all important current values and automatically regulates them in the optimal range for most effective treatment. And if a malfunction ever does occur, the control unit registers it and takes protective measures.
The double-shielded supply line to the electrode head is equipped with an anti-kink device to prevent damage to the cable.
All important parameters of every individual BioCrack electrode are tested in the factory before use in the field.

Options of the BioCrack

If the BioCrack modules cannot be mounted on a wall etc., the BioCrack base is the solution: Up to six BioCrack modules can be arranged in a compact layout on it.