The central precision distributor for your spreading technology

  • Unbeatable distribution accuracy thanks to a variation coefficient of less than 5%
  • Customizable for any conditions, with many configuration options
  • Highly versatile in use, due to the almost limitless design options
  • High maintainability
  • High level of operational safety thanks to a specially designed sealing package

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

DosiMat—the central precision distributor for your spreading technology

Precision distributors are essential to any efficient system for spreading fertilizer at the level of the soil. They are often called the “heart” of the spreading technology for this reason. When used on the fields, the precision distributor should distribute the manure to the individual discharge hoses with high accuracy. At the same time, it needs to shred foreign and fibrous matter to make the liquid manure flow better and prevent clogging of the hoses.

The Vogelsang DosiMat precision distributor does exactly that, while also working with extreme accuracy—whether it's being used centrally on a dribble bar system, on a cultivator, or on a disk harrow. With a variation coefficient of less than 5%, the DosiMat distributes the liquid manure precisely to the individual discharge points. It also reliably shreds fibrous matter at the same time. With two different models and more than 90 different configuration options, Vogelsang's DosiMat LVX and new DosiMat DMX always give you the right solution for your own customized spreading technology. If maintenance should ever be required, the excellent maintainability of this precision distributor will impress. Downtime doesn't just lose you time, but also money—especially during the season, when you may have very short windows for manure spreading due to weather conditions or other factors such as legal restrictions. The DosiMat is ready for use again in no time at all and liquid manure spreading can recommence.

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The DosiMat precision distributor is the answer to stricter fertilizer regulations. It ensures variable spreading capacity with maximum precision with no conversion work required.

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