DosiMat DMX

Flexible spreading capacities, precise distribution

  • Modified rotor contour for maximum flexibility of spreading capacities combined with maximum accuracy of distribution
  • Optimized cutting performance thank to new blade contour
  • Patented membrane for uniform air flow
  • Service-friendly design for simple maintenance of all relevant elements
  • Maximum accuracy of distribution regardless of spreading capacity

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

DosiMat DMX—flexible spreading capacities with maximum precision

When making investments in the area of liquid manure technology, factors like economic efficiency and precision are major factors. Then there are the terms of the current law on fertilizers, which these days need to be taken into account too. Vogelsang responded immediately to this by modifying its product range. The DosiMat DMX precision distributor caters for all these aspects by spreading both small and large spreading capacities with maximum precision thanks to a flow-optimized rotor. And no conversion measures are needed for changes in capacities either. The dish-shaped, inherently stable plastic lid not only makes the DosiMat DMX approx. 15 kg lighter than comparable models, the greater distance ensures a greater air volume for the medium conveyed and hence better spreading precision. Automatic regulation of the air flow ensures uniform draining of the medium into the individual outlets. Together with the flow-optimized rotor, this enables uniform distribution of liquid manure while the optimized blade contours of the cutting elements ensure optimum shredding. The easy to maintain design of the DosiMat DMX is just as practical. There are fewer screw plugs, the housing can be opened quickly, the rotor is more easily accessible and lubrication takes not time at all.

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The inherently stable, dish-shaped housing cover reduces the weight of the DosiMat DMX by 15 kg. It is particularly tough, pressure and fracture-resistant and increases the spreading precision thanks to a greater air flow.
The precision distributors DosiMat DMX and ExaCut ECQ are equipped with automatic control of air flow thanks to its patented membrane. This ensures uniform draining of liquid manure into the discharge hoses and therefore better average distribution over the entire working width.
The energy-efficient bar or star rotors for the DosiMat DMX can process varying spreading capacities without any need for conversion. Regardless of the flow rate, the spreading precision will remain high at all times.
Thanks to the contour of the cutting blade being coordinated perfectly to the medium, fibrous matter is reliably shredded. The liquid manure has a homogenous consistency and is uniformly distributed.
The sealing package precludes mixing of hydraulic oil and medium. With a leakage check feature, leaks can be detected quickly and easily.
This safety device prevents unwanted start-up of the rotor with the cover open in accordance with the valid EU Machinery Directive.

Principle of operation - how the DosiMat works

The DosiMat DMX works on the same basic principle as the DosiMat LVX. Here too, the liquid manure flows down into the rotor through the manure inlet. The rotor then distributes the manure to the individual discharge points. Meanwhile the cutting blade shreds fibrous and foreign matter dependably.

DosiMat DMX

Same principle in a new design

The new DosiMat DMX is perfectly designed for compliance with stricter fertilizer regulations. It is necessary to have one machine which can easily adjust its spreading capacity according to soil conditions, the plants sown, and the season, without the need to change strainers or other components. And which can do this with maximum precision. A flow-optimized rotor ensures outstanding distribution accuracy regardless of the flow rate. The ventilation system has been centralized for more uniform results. The use of a curved plastic cover makes for a larger housing volume.


  • Agriculture

    Technical Specifications

    Number of outlets
    08 - 60
    Hose diameter
    60 DN, 50 DN, 40 DN

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