Bioreactor cleaning system

  • Automated disposal & cleaning of bio-reactor type toilet collection tanks
  • Various cleaning programs
  • Powerful Vogelsang vacuum extraction unit
  • High pressure cleaning facility
  • Automated cleaning agent dispensing system

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The bioreactor cleaning system

This compact unit is the fully automatic solution for flexible disposal and cleaning of bioreactor toilet systems in rail coaches. A combination of a Vogelsang rotary lobe pump and the XRipper twin-shaft grinder ensures reliable pumping and shredding of the wastewater into the transport container. A compressor unit opens and closes the valves. An additional high-pressure pump is integrated to flush out the filter cake in the solid matter area of the bioreactor.

Thanks to the Vogelsang concept QuickService and the user-friendliness of our products, the BioUnit is extremely easy to operate and maintain. The BioUnit can be supplied as mobile or stationary solution; all of them are Winterproof thanks to heated cabinet.

Various levels of setup and cleaning are possible, because every BioUnit system is built as a special design based on customer requirements and the specific bioreactor model. All parameters can be adjusted via a network connection or online via a GSM remote control module.

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Vogelsang is a specialist for supply and disposal as well as cleaning solutions in the railway, bus and boat sectors. We also offer solutions for data management for those markets.

If you want to find out, why we are the number one in supply and disposal solutions in the german railway sector, then have a look at our transportation world.

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Some of our products for the railway, bus or marinas sectors can be delivered as stationary or mobile installations. As stationary installations, the BioUnit, PierPump or RoadPump are totally fixed on the ground, with stainless stell housing and optionally winter protected. As mobile units, they can be installed in a mobile handcart to be able to use them everywhere.
The BioUnit is equipped with a descaling device to reduce the level of clay in the water.


A remote control is used in some Vogelsang systems, as ReelUnit, CabinetUnit, BioUnit or TUnit, to control the right operation of the system. It allows, for example, valves to be opened and closed in the ReelSystem. Optionally, the BioUnit can be equipped with a remote control module, network connected or online, to adjust all cleaning parameters of the complete system.
The BioUnit or some of the MobileUnits from Vogelsang can include optionally an active carbon exhaust air filter unit for cleaning the tank exhaust air.
To ensure safe operation even in subzero temperatures and to protect the cabinets or pumps, electric heating elements as well as heating pipes can be used optionally. The heating system is equipped with temperature sensors and an automatic temperature control.
The BioUnit can be optionally equipped with a Vogelsang twin-shaft grinder, XRipper, when the solid content is very high. The XRipper grinds all kind of solids, making easier the further pumping or processing of the waste water.

Optionally, the WaterUnit, BioUnit or TUnit can be equipped with a data acquisition system: all the filling and flushing processes can be logged, saved and transferred via wireless standard.

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