Vacuum technology for reliable operation in the railway sector

  • Compact design
  • High availability due to redundant pump installation
  • No bulky vacuum tanks, no separate vacuum unit with extra wastewater pump required
  • Easy maintenance due to very few parts
  • Closed system: moves liquid and air directly through the pump from inlet to outlet
  • Insensitive to foreign matter and clogging
  • Self-priming & insensitive to dry running

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Reliable vacuum pump technology

The double pump station is the solution from Vogelsang for the passenger transport sector. The smallest series is used for stand-alone railway systems, but also for big boats or buildings, while the biggest systems are used as a centralized pump station for network wastewater systems in the railway sector.

Thanks to the benefits of the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump, the station is powerful and efficient. It is possible to pump wastewater without problem thanks to its ability to pump viscous liquids contaminated with solids. The pump is self-priming and able to run dry, and thanks to the redundant design, the availability of the complete system is very high, increasing the security of the system. This is an important point due to travelers demand always a high-quality train service.

Compared to other systems in the market, our solution is very compact because there is no need to have bulky vacuum tanks, or separate vacuum units. Thanks to the Vogelsang concept QuickService, the maintenance is done in nearly no time, and it is easy to do thanks to very few parts.

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The VacUnit is composed by two rotary lobe pumps from the VX series. This redundant design gives a high availability to the complete system. The rotary lobe pump from Vogelsang is a self-priming positive displacement pump, especially design to operate with viscous liquids contaminated with foreign bodies. The suction medium is directly aspirated by the highly robust elastomer-coated rotating lobes and transported into the sewer network. The Vogelsang pumps are equipped with robust two-wing lobes. Combined with a special, extra-large coating, they ensure a maximum ball diameter and resistance against foreign bodies such as t-shirts and cutlery.

The VX design allows you to service all wearing parts without de-installation of the pump, keeping service times and costs at a minimum. Forget about the complicated setup of the valves, vacuum container and vacuum pumps. The simple and reliable design of the Vogelsang rotary lobe pump allows true 24/7 operation and minimizes downtime.

Vacuum is directly generated by the integrated Vogelsang rotary lobe pump. The rotary lobe pump generates vacuum up to -0.8 bar, easily supplies long distances and discharges directly into the sewer. This allows for trouble-free designs with centralized control options, fewer parts and compact sizes. This results in high system availability and less maintenance.

Travelers demand a high-quality train service. That is why train service systems must be readily available. The core of the Vogelsang waste water disposal network is the double pump station. Two Vogelsang rotary lobe pumps VX100, VX186 or VX136 series ensure high vacuum power and reliable 24/7 operation. The pumps are designed to be redundant: one pump serves as the operating pump, while the other acts as a backup.

The pumps are automatically controlled to provide a permanent vacuum in the network between -0.6 to -0.4 bar. The pumps operate continuously only when full vacuum service is demanded. This enables fast and efficient service with the lowest energy costs and maintenance requirements.

The double pump station contains all direct connections to the sewer network. The waste water is disposed of in a single step. Pumps, valves and electronics are fully integrated in one compartment. They are easily accessible and convenient to service.

The double pump station is available in three typical layouts:

  • Compact cabinet for platform or railside positioning
  • Container unit with space for additional components
  • As an open system to be installed in a pump room or as an underground pump unit

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