Waste water technology that cuts even the biggest troublemakers down to size

Vogelsang at the IFAT 2018

This year too the IFAT, the world's leading trade fair for management of water, waste water, waste and raw materials, will be taking place in Munich. Vogelsang will also be presenting its efficient waste water technology there, including the new XRipper XRG for maximum flow rates and our XRipper XRC100-960QD, which offers maximum flow rates for narrow widths.  Visit us at our trade fair stand and test the XRipper out for yourself.

IFAT Munich
Trade fair Munich
Hall B1, Stand 347/446

 "Wet wipes, disruptive matter and in some countries even fatbergs, are clogging pumps and entire sewer channels. This is presenting those responsible with major challenges," explains Managing Director Harald Vogelsang. "With the new XRipper Giant (XRG) series, we can offer effective cutting solutions even for large sewer channels with very high flow rates."

Demands placed on waste water technology are increasing all the time. Problems such as wet wipes, textiles or fatbergs in sewers or prior to pump systems can have negative effects on the operation of the sewage treatment plant. For this reason waste water grinders are becoming more and more important in order to prevent the clogging and blocking of sewer channels and pump stations. Vogelsang can offer the perfect solution here with the XRipper.

Our topics at the IFAT

At the IFAT, we will be presenting the new XRipper Giant (XRG) waste water grinder with flow rates of up to 3,000 m3/h  – the perfect solution for particularly large sewer channels. The high-capacity units installed at the side allow large quantities of waste water to pass through the XRipper. Any disruptive matter like wet wipes or textiles is reliably halted and conveyed through the cleaner into the centre, where it is efficiently cut down to an unproblematic size by the new One-Piece Ripper rotors.

The new XRipper XRC series is the counterpart to the XRipper XRG. With a breadth of just over 300 mm, the XRipper XRC100-960QD will fit into even the tightest of sewer channels, thereby preventing blockages of downstream components. At an accumulation height of up to one meter, the XRC100-960QD offers throughput rates of up to 690 m3/h, making it the compact solution for demanding tasks in sewer channels.

Monolithic Ripper rotors are at the heart of the XRipper waste water grinder. With counter-rotating blade rotors, they shred disruptive matter contained in waste water such as wet wipes, textiles or pieces of wood efficiently and powerfully, reducing them to a size that protects downstream components from blockages and clogging. The new One-Piece rotors are made from a single block and do not even require a carrier shaft in the housing.
Their robustness and resistance to bending is a real advantage for customers since no supporting bearings are required. At the same time they result in huge time savings due to faster maintenance and replacement of parts, since only the two ripper rotors need to be replaced. New monolithic One-Piece Ripper rotors are already installed in the XRipper XRG and XRipper XRC100-960QD.

Digitalization is changing the face of waste water technology too. As an experienced partner in waste water management of many years standing, we have recognized this trend by offering our customers a future-oriented control technology for waster water applications with the new PCU generation. Connection via ProfiNet and the OPC-UA interface enables rapid, platform-independent communication both between machines (M2M) and between humans and machines (HMI).
Visit us in hall B1 at stand 347/446 and see for yourself how simple operating the Vogelsang XRipper is via iPad and how easy it is to read the relevant operating data.

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