Correctional facilities face solid challenges

Shredding Sheets, Shanks, Shoes & more

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Correctional facilities process more solids per person per day than average municipal and other industrial systems. The average household flushes its toilet 10 to 12 times per day. In a correctional institution, that number reaches anywhere from three to six times that volume – up to 65 times per inmate per day! When prisoners decide to cause intentional sabotage, they have been known to flush 100 times per inmate per day. And because of the high concentration of inmates and their synchronized schedules for mealtimes, etc., there are times of the day when a prison wastewater system is called on to process very high amounts of material in a short time.

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Not your average solids

Prison waste is not filled with the “average” items you find in households or industries. Prisoners often try to flush items that you would never expect to find in a household system – food, wrappers, paper trash, razor blades, clothing, shoes, and even whole sheets. Plumbing back-ups not only cause big messes that need to be cleaned up and repairs that need to be made, they can threaten the health of prisoners and correctional facility employees by leaving them with no sanitary or drinking water for hours or days. Prisoners intentionally flood their cells hoping to be moved, often so they can cause more facility damage or try escapes.

A tougher solution

Because prison waste is different, solids reduction systems in prisons need to be more robust than the average wastewater treatment plant solution. That's where the Vogelsang XRipper excels. It handles large volumes of solids and unusual solids that would cause ragging and stoppage with other shredders.

Designed specifically for low cost, highly-efficient operation, XRipper twin-shaft grinders are recognized for unmatched torque and their heavy-duty construction.

  • Grinds both heavy debris and fibrous material
  • Lower repair costs & superior warranty
  • One-piece cutters - fast replacement, no stack tightening
  • Alternative to competitors' grinders
  • 100% repairable in the field - no need to return to the factory

XRipper XRC: For In-Channel Applications, Wall-Mounting or Lift Stations

A popular choice for sewage lift stations, inflow lines and channels, the XRC line of grinders can protect both submersible and dry pit pumps. The XRipper sewage grinder easily grinds and shreds primary sludge, digested sludge and raw sludge material to a manageable size - preventing common clogs, blockages and damage to downstream pumps, valves and systems.

XRipper XRP: For In-pipe or In-line Applications

The XRP inline grinder is the ideal solution for your wastewater, sludge and sewage grinding needs. Units are also drop-in replacements for other common units, so you can place an XRipper into the same space as your old grinder.

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