Dribble bar linkage with maximum performance and flexibility

  • Maximum accuracy in distribution thanks to precision distributors and an optimized hose layout
  • Maximum flexibility in use
  • Extra-stable boom
  • Compact installation on the tanker
  • Secure and speedy opening and retracting

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

Maximum distribution results with the SwingMax dribble bar linkage

Precise distribution of liquid manure with the greatest possible distribution accuracy even with large working widths: This is the Vogelsang SwingMax dribble bar linkage. The precision distributors and optimal hose layout ensure accuracy in distribution across the boom and within the swath—even up to working widths of 36 meters. This allows existing tramlines to be used, thus also reducing the amount of travel across the field. The Vogelsang linkages also feature customized section control, for a maximum of flexibility. With a wide variety of technical innovations such as TopSwing and TeleShift, this dribble bar linkage can be combined with Comfort Flow Control (CFC) for flexible adaptation to a wide range of working widths and the specific requirements of different farms. At the same time, these fittings on the tanker also make it possible to keep the travel width to a minimum even when the working width is at a maximum. Speedy and secure opening and retracting are made possible by perfectly coordinated hydraulic and mechanical components. The double tubular frame design that has been used makes this system especially sturdy. Nevertheless, the weight of the linkage has been kept to a minimum so that it does not become a burden. All in all, the SwingMax provides professional technology for the most demanding requirements, while ensuring maximum economic efficiency at all times.

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