Trailing shoe system SwingUp Slide: Retrofitting precise liquid manure spreading technology
Case Study - Karl Wurmbrand, Lower Austria


High nitrogen losses due to old technology
Significant unpleasant odour


Retrofit trailing shoe system
Precise liquid manure placement at the plant

The customer and the problem

Farmer Karl Wurmbrand from Kirchau, Lower Austria, spreads around 4,000 cubic metres of liquid manure on farm fields and grasslands per year. To fertilise the farmlands, Wurmbrand uses liquid manure from cattle, which he used to spread with a distributor head until just recently.

“I do a liquid manure run with every harvest, so around five times per year. But the procedure using the distributor head caused significant unpleasant odours.”
Karl Wurmbrand, farmer

The unpleasant odours were creating discontent in the immediate neighbourhood. Moreover with the technology in use at the time, precise placement of the liquid manure directly at the plant, and therefore more efficient use of the nutrients, was not possible. On the contrary, the disperse spreading from above often made the plants very dirty. The spreading technology was no longer modern and resulted in high nitrogen losses.

The solution

To significantly reduce the unpleasant odours and use the natural fertiliser more efficiently, Wurmbrand decided to replace the distributor head with a trailing shoe linkage. He therefore retrofitted his tanker with a SwingUp Slide trailing shoe system from Vogelsang. The skids of the trailing shoe separate the crops while making a groove in the soil, so that the liquid manure is deposited close to the soil. The farmer can get the most of the liquid manure for the plants, achieve high harvest yields and work in a cost-efficient manner.

Benefits of the Vogelsang SwingUp Slide trailing shoe system

  • Liquid manure deposited in a narrow slit close to the soil
  • Precise placement of the liquid manure at the plant
  • No unpleasant odour
  • No dirtying of plants
  • No nitrogen losses
  • Even distribution of liquid manure
  • Efficient use of the nutrients for high-yield plant growth
  • Reduced need for additional artificial fertiliser
  • Economical fertilising that is easy on plants and the environment, as well as low-emissions
  • Suitable for use on steep slopes