Debris Lift Unit: Automatic disposal of separated heavy material at biogas plants

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Essen (Oldenburg), Germany, May 24, 2022 – With the Debris Lift Unit (DLU) Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG is launching a fully automatic disposal system for heavy material separated during solid matter feeding. Combined with Vogelsang's intelligent Debris Removal System (DRS), the DLU represents a complete solution for the liquid feeding system PreMix or the wet cutter RotaCut RCX that significantly reduces the time and effort required for foreign material handling and increases overall efficiency in solid matter feeding.

"Regular manual disposal of separated heavy materials is time-consuming and labor-intensive, particularly at larger biogas plants or at plants with a high volume of input material containing foreign matter such as manure or residual materials from the organic waste. The Debris Lift Unit completely eliminates the need for this manual labor" says Rainer Zobel, Head of Sales Europe Industry, Wastewater and Biogas at Vogelsang. 

Separate heavy material

The Debris Lift Unit is mainly used to complement the process of solid matter feeding. Liquid feeding systems are an important factor for high gas yield as they ensure that input materials are homogenized and fed to the digester as a well-prepared suspension. 

Smaller contaminants can be easily chop down with the wet cutter RotaCut RCX from Vogelsang. The RotaCut RCX separates heavy foreign bodies such as stones or metal parts and ejects them automatically during operation via the optional Debris Removal System. Only about 15 liters of liquid are drained in the process. With conventional heavy material separators, up to 100 liters of liquid must be drained during heavy material removal.

Automatic disposal: How the Debris Lift Unit works

In biogas plants with a high volume of input materials or a large amount of foreign bodies in the input materials, heavy material separators can fill up quickly. Heavy materials must be disposed of manually on a regular basis. The Debris Removal System and the new Debris Lift Unit from Vogelsang allow for this process to be automated as the Debris Lift Unit transports the heavy material discharged by the Debris Removal System into a collection container. This process occurs during operation. Neither the liquid feeding system, nor the wet cutter have to be stopped thus eliminating the need for time-consuming manual intervention. 

Retrofit as a complete solution

Vogelsang's existing liquid feeding systems such as the PreMix or even the RotaCut RCX can be retrofitted with the Debris Removal System and Debris Lift Unit. Users thus benefit from a functional complete solution that fully automates heavy material handling.

For more information, visit (Debris Lift Unit) and (Debris Removal System).

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