IFAT 2020: Vogelsang showcases further developed wastewater grinder

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Essen (Oldenburg), 1 March 2020 – Reliable problem-solvers for disruptive matter in wastewater will be showcased by Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG at IFAT, the world’s leading trade fair for water, sewage, waste and raw materials management in Munich (7-11 September 2020, hall B1, booth 347/446).

The focus is on the XRipper XRG186 twin-shaft wastewater grinder. The grinder is based on the XRipper XRG, intended for use in large sewers, which Vogelsang developed further in close collaboration with the Ruhrverband.

“The service-friendly and efficient concept of the XRipper XRG has proven itself in the field. We built on this foundation and in the further development, our focus was on achieving even greater throughput and shredding performance,” says Torsten Burhorst, Team Leader Research & Development at Vogelsang.

Free sewers with powerful shredding

The XRipper XRG186 shreds harmful matter in wastewater such as wet wipes and cleaning cloths in an energy-efficient way. The modified solids reduction solution is equipped with a new variant of the High Capacity Unit, each of which consists of a rotating perforated screen drum. While the wastewater passes through the grinder mostly unopposed, the High Capacity Units hold back the disruptive matter while guiding it continuously into the center of the grinder. There it is shredded by the one-piece Ripper rotors. This prevents blockages and clogging in the downstream pumps and in the sewage system.

Preparation of screenings with the RedUnit to save on disposal costs

Moreover, with the RedUnit, Vogelsang is showcasing a compact system solution for the preparation of screenings. The heterogeneous mixture results in high disposal costs for operators of wastewater treatment plants. With the basic variant of the RedUnit, equipped with the XRipper XRL twin-shaft shredder, the volume of screenings is reliably and efficiently reduced. This results in cost savings for operators of wastewater treatment plants. If the RedUnit is installed upstream of a screening wash press, the preparation means even more organic matter can be flushed out and the screenings can be better dewatered. This also reduces disposal costs. At the same time, the additionally flushed out organic matter boosts the gas yield of the digestor.

RedUnit: compact preparation and conveyance of cosubstrates and screenings

The RedUnit combination formed from the XRipper XRL and the progressive cavity pump of the CC series is especially suitable when the entire screenings are to be conveyed in a pumpable form. With minimal space requirement, the compact system solution shreds the screenings, mixes this with fluid and pumps it directly into the digestor, for example, so that all the organic matter contained in it can be turned into sewer gas.

Rainer Zobel, Sales Director at Vogelsang: “In addition, to increase gas yield, even organic cosubstrates can be efficiently shredded, prepared and pumped into the digestion tower. An optional downstream RotaCut wet cutter chops down even fibrous components more finely.”

As a preassembled system solution in which all core components such as the pump and shredder, but also the valves and sensors, are already installed and connected to the Performance Control Unit, all RedUnit variants can be quickly and easily retrofitted.

Visit Vogelsang at IFAT 2020: 7-11 September 2020, Munich Exhibition Centre, hall B1, booth 347/446.

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