Vogelsang releases interactive biogas plant model

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Essen (Oldenburg), 29 July 2020 – Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG has placed an interactive biogas plant model on its website.

Biogas contractors and operators are provided with a practice-oriented overview of solutions, showing which components can be integrated and retrofitted appropriately and where this can be done within the fermentation line via the link The tool enables plant operators to work with the economical and sustainable optimisation of their existing biogas plants despite the postponement and cancelled trade fairs.

“We will be happy to enter into detailed discussions on-site or online”, says Harald Vogelsang, Managing Director of Vogelsang. In addition, he continues: “The worldwide intentions to convert the energy systems and increase the share of renewable energies shows that biogas plant operators are required to make their plants fit for the future, while taking into account the targets of the climate protection.”

The interactive biogas plant model provides initial starting points for optimisation measures.

Components and their application options along the fermentation line

A detailed design that encompasses a lot of additional information allows interested parties to follow biogas production procedures. From the introduction of the substrate and the fermentation of the biomass in the digester to the utilisation of the digestate as fertilise, it is precisely broken-down which components are used appropriately in the process and when. It also includes technical solutions that can be used by operators to retrofit and optimise their biogas plants along the fermentation line – for economic biogas production.

Vogelsang analyses existing biogas plants, provides individual advice on optimisation measures and develops economic solutions to enhance the performance of the plant.

About Vogelsang:

Vogelsang GmbH & Co. KG develops, produces and distributes highly-engineered equipment that is easy to maintain. The head office is located in Essen (Oldenburg) in Lower Saxony. Founded in 1929 as a manufacturer of agricultural machinery, the company has grown to become a specialist in individually configurable machines for the agricultural technology, biogas, industrial, transportation, and waste water sectors. At present, the mid-sized, innovative family business employs over 1000 people worldwide. Vogelsang ensures the highest production quality through its research, development and manufacturing operations at its location in Germany. As an international company, Vogelsang operates manufacturing centers domestically and abroad. A continuously growing network of subsidiaries and representatives allows Vogelsang to be present in more than 25 locations worldwide, in all European countries and important industrialized nations in the world. This year, the company was again honored by the economic research institute Prognos AG as “Germany's innovation leader”.

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