All-in-one solutions for economical interior cleaning
Train and bus interior cleaning with the Vogelsang CleanUnits

To be successful in local and long-distance public transportation, companies have to save on costs without compromising customer and passenger satisfaction. In addition to affordable prices and punctuality, people expect the interior and toilets to be clean. This is something that can only be achieved with effective staffing and an optimal supply of cleaning media.

Thanks to our good reputation as an expert for trouble-free wastewater disposal and drinking water filling facilities, companies all over the world have put their trust in our tried-and-tested train cleaning solutions for decades. These include the stationary vacuum pump stations in the VacUnit series, stationary supply and disposal stations such as our TUnits, and our MobileUnits. We have now transferred the expertise we have built up over many years of cooperation with the railway sector to the constantly growing bus sector.

With the CleanUnit, we have developed the centralized supply solution for cleaning media for cleaning the inside of trains, subway cars and buses.

Our solution for interior cleaning

CleanUnit – The Vogelsang cleaning cabinet for buses and trains


The cleaner cabinet

  • Local supply of cleaning media directly at the place of use
  • Integrated supply of cold and hot water
  • Detergent dispensed at the touch of a button
  • High-quality stainless steel versions
  • Suitable for indoor and outdoor use

On-site access to everything required for cleaning the inside of trains

Public passenger transport companies must ensure uncompromising cleanliness in their vehicles not just for hygiene reasons but also in order to keep up with growing competition. However, cost pressure is becoming greater and greater, meaning that cleaning services have to be adapted to ever tighter timeframes. By setting up Vogelsang CleanUnits in railway service depots and bus depots, passenger transportation companies reduce the legwork for their staff responsible for cleaning inside the vehicles and provide direct access to water and cleaning supplies.

Train cleaning solutions developed by Vogelsang

As with all other Vogelsang products, efficiency had top priority when developing our CleanUnit cleaner cabinets: They are equipped with everything the on-site cleaning staff need to clean the inside of passenger trains, streetcars and buses, and they bring all of it as close as possible to the area to be cleaned. Besides a sink and connections for hot and cold water, the compact stations also provide enough storage space for cleaning supplies and other equipment. A key cleaning component is the automatic dispensing units, which ensure that the required cleaning agents are mixed into the hot water at the right ratio. This saves time and resources.

Known for outstanding material and manufacturing quality, Vogelsang naturally also set high standards for its CleanUnits. Weatherproof stainless steel or other high resistant materials as well as high-quality control elements made for a long lifetime. Standard functions such as reliable greywater disposal have been cleverly combined with optional features such as a multi-socket outlet unit, frost protection heating, and a range of first aid equipment. Vogelsang cleaner cabinets for train cleaning and bus cleaning therefore pay off in numerous ways.

Interior cleaning stations from Vogelsang: functional and long-lasting

The CleanUnit cleaner cabinets from Vogelsang are available in many different versions. The cleaner cabinet housing is usually made from stainless steel, making the cabinets suitable for both indoor use and outdoor use. Electric heating elements and trace heating systems provide protection from frost where required.

When manufacturing the cleaner cabinets, we don't just focus on the quality of the materials we use; efficiency in use is also achieved by the interplay between the individual functions and options. Whether you're opening the tough, sandwich-structured doors or extracting the cleaning agents at the touch of a button, everything is just as it should be, because the arrangement of all the components of a CleanUnit cleaner cabinet has been perfectly thought out, right down to the storage compartments and shelves. The stainless steel sink fitted in the cleaner cabinet allows safe disposal in an environmentally friendly way after train cleaning. Alternatively, an external sink can also be provided, for draining bulky cleaning systems such as wet vacuum cleaners.

The Vogelsang cleaner cabinets can be equipped with automatic dispensers. These draw the concentrated cleaning agents from commercially available standard canisters, which can be locked away under the sink. These customizable devices for Vogelsang cleaner cabinets also make a contribution to the cost-effectiveness of the cabinets. Cleaning staff don't have to spend a long time measuring and mixing cleaning agents, and waste is avoided.

For the supply of hot water, e.g. for train or bus cleaning, various options are available. The same goes for additionally using the cleaning stations as local power supply points for connecting vacuum cleaners or high-pressure cleaners. Our comprehensive range of accessories also includes emergency eye wash stations and body showers, soap dispensers, first aid kits, and an assortment of lighting and signaling devices.

Cleaner cabinets for every need: modular and adaptable

From our work together with major leading companies in local and long-distance transportation, we know that no depot or workshop is the same as the next, whether for buses, trains, or streetcars. For this reason, CleanUnit cleaner cabinets from Vogelsang are available in different sizes, from the compact CleanUnit MSV 1 suitable for tight spaces to the generously equipped variants with an extension for more storage space. In these CleanUnit designs, obviously only the piping and wiring are installed outside the reach of cleaning staff. Everything that's needed on a daily basis for train cleaning or bus cleaning is quick to hand.

In addition to the general variety of equipment options for the CleanUnit cabinet series, models have also been specially developed for use in harsh winter conditions and at subzero temperatures. Their thermally insulated sandwich structure makes these versions especially weatherproof. An interior heating system and trace heating prevent the pipes and devices from freezing, allowing problem-free cleaning inside trains even in harsh winters.

Owing to the modular design of the interior cleaning stations from Vogelsang, we are also able to discuss customized solutions on site. To achieve this, we at Vogelsang draw on our wide and longstanding experience service and maintenance solutions for railway, intercity buses, and local transportation. Together with our customers, Vogelsang develops tailor-made concepts for cleaner cabinets that make it easier for cleaning staff to do their work economically and efficient.

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