The customized and modular grinding system

  • Individual engineering unit
  • Compact and sturdy
  • High availability thanks to quick and easy service
  • Added safety due to cartridge mechanical seal technology
  • Low electricity consumption

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RedUnit - Modular solution to fit your needs

The RedUnit is the grinding and pumping combination from Vogelsang. It has many different advantages compared to the separate products, e.g. its compact design and low electricity consumption. With our engineering department we design every RedUnit industrial grinder specifically customized to the needs of every customer and his specific application. It is developed as a complete engineering unit, including an advanced control system to maximize the efficiency of the complete system. The industrial grinder can be produced in stainless steel for demanding applications.
The RedUnit offers a high availability thanks to the quick and easy concept of its individual components: the grinder XRipper XRL, the RotaCut RCX macerator, a progressive cavity pump of the CC series and/or a rotary lobe pump of the VX series.

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The RedUnit is a combination between grinders and pumps. Depending on the needs of the respective industrial application, the RedUnit can have only one grinder for a coarse particle reduction, a grinder plus pumps for a further conveying of the media, or even several grinders with pumps for a much defined particle reduction.


Even though the RedUnit offers multiple grinding stages and various pump options, it can be integrated into your system space-efficiently even in tight spaces, thanks to its compact and rugged design.
The modular structure of the RedUnit allows you to choose from a range of pumps and grinding stages according to your individual requirements. Therefore, you end up with a customized grinding system.
The RedUnit is a complete grinding unit. Therefore, there are no additional pumps or feed screws required between the separate grinding stages, which is really good news for your electricity consumption.
Long downtimes and high costs for maintenance are a thing of the past: spare parts such as Ripper rotors, cutting blades, and the Quality Cartridge can be replaced easily without needing to dismantle the product.
The Quality Cartridge mechanical seal is checked in the factory and when it is changed, all of the seal components are also replaced. This protects against sudden failures of the seal and potentially fatal damage. The complete unit is easy to change, and the replacement process takes significantly less time.


An optional control system to get maximum efficiency of the plant can be added to the RedUnit.
The RedUnit is also available in a stainless steel variant for abrasive applications.

The grindable media such as organic waste, plastic waste or sugar beets are first fed into the RedUnit via a hopper. Additional fluid can be optionally added there using the VX series rotary lobe pump. During the first stage a coarse grinding by the XRipper XRL happens. The media are then conveyed into the mixing drum of the RotaCut RCX, where they are mixed with the fluid and grinded by the rotors to a more specific size in a second stage. The entire media are then pumped by the CC series progressive cavity pump to the destination of the customer’s choice.

XRipper XRL - The machine for the rough stuff

The XRipper XRL can handle anything: abattoir waste, plastic trash, or organic waste from supermarkets—giving you a coarsely shredded medium that you can pump onward without difficulty.

RotaCut© RCX - Grinding as a fine art

Do you want to grind foreign matter more finely while also separating heavy foreign objects out of the medium? No problem. The RotaCut RCX macerator is the solution for defined cutting.

CC series© Pumping without resistance

The progressive cavity pumps from the CC series will pump the ground medium onward— all foreign matter still contained in it up to a size of 73 mm can be pumped through smoothly.

VX series - The classic rotary lobe pump

Rotary lobe pumps from the VX series assist you in processing the medium. If you need to add more fluid during the grinding process, this classic, easy to maintain pump is your best choice.

Based on the XRipper operational principle the XRipper XRL is our grinding solution for the applications where a high quantity of solids needs to be particle reduced. It is used for many different industrial applications, for example, pre-consumer food waste or recycling.

Design and operating principle of the XRipper XRL

The XRipper rotors are mounted in an interlocking manner on the shaft, which is in itself untouched by the medium. The input material passes through the XRipper largely unobstructed. Organic waste, bones or plastic is caught by the XRipper rotors and automatically collected and ground: coarse and brittle components are pulverized, while other solid matter is ripped apart. Thanks to the different speeds of the two shafts, the XRipper rotors are self-cleaning. To adjust to the medium and the size reduction ratio, various XRipper rotors are available with blade widths from 6 mm to 32 mm. The QuickService system allows quick and simple execution of all service and maintenance work on site.

XRipper advantages

  • Economical shredding of solid matter such as fruit, vegetables and organic waste
  • Sturdy and reliable
  • Minimal operation interruptions thanks to straightforward maintenance
  • Added safety thanks to cartridge mechanical seal technology

    XRipper XRL specifications

    Type Blade widths (mm) Drive power (kW) Drive speed (rpm) Max. throughput * (m^3/h) Input opening L x W (mm)
    XRL136 6 │ 10 │ 14 4 - 15 70 - 200 10 | 20 310 x 280 | 310 x 560
    XRL186 8 │ 11 │ 16 │ 32 7,5 - 22 50 - 150 20 | 40 | 60 435 x 260 | 435 x 520 | 435 x 780

    Monolithic ripper rotors – for more power and efficiency

    The innovative design of the monolithic ripper rotors makes solids reduction with the XRipper particularly economical. Produced from a single block of special steel (stainless steel is also available as an option) they allow for hard, precise multiple cut, combined with a highly durable, tough core for superior cutting effect and even power transmission from the shaft to the cutting components. The monolithic ripper rotors offer high ease of service. Instead of having to replace many individual cutting components, only between one and a maximum of six XRipper rotors require replacement per shaft. This makes assembly easier and servicing safer.

    Advantages of the monolithic ripper rotors:

    • Long service life thanks to wear-resistant cutting
    • Better cutting effect and higher efficiency
    • Safer and easier, with reduced downtime


    • Organic waste
    • Fish waste
    • Agricultural crops
    • Abattoir waste
    • Disposal industry
    • Other industries

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    Case Studies RedUnit

    Case Study – RedUnit in a poultry processing plant

    Powerful shredding of condemned material

    Problem: Production waste in poultry processing too bulky. This results in high storage and transport costs.
    Solution: RedUnit - Combination of shredding and pump technology

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