Reliable twin-shaft grinder for open channels and shafts
Twin-shaft grinder XRipper XRC-SIK

The XRipper XRC with SIK (Sewer Integration Kit) is ideal for installation in open wastewater channels and/or upstream of inlets and inflows in shafts and pits. Even large orifice heights can be easily achieved with the XRipper XRC thanks to the QD bearing. Thanks to the flexible Sewage Integration Kit the XRipper XRC can also be easily positioned in open wastewater channels and/or against slanted or even rounded walls directly upstream of the inlet and/or discharge. Disruptive matter contained in the wastewater, such as hygienic products, textiles, clothing, cleaning rags or garbage, enters the XRipper XRC along with the fluid stream where it is reliably shredded to an unproblematic size. This prevents clogging, blockages, and damage to downstream pumps, valves, and units. For maintenance and service, the entire grinder is simply raised out of the channel and/or shaft/pit using the SIK.