The dribble bar system up to 33 meters
Dribble bar system SwingMax

The dribble bar system SwingMax from Vogelsang allows nutrient-efficient low-level spreading of liquid manure from tankers with a working width of 18 to 33 meters. Under normal conditions, large working widths also mean high dynamic loads on the linkage. The SwingMax, however, counteracts that problem with its special design. The double tubular frame is carefully engineered to handle the greatest of loads, ensuring reliable, trouble-free operation. At the same time, the weight is minimal at these working widths. Two ExaCut precision distributors ensure constant distribution and uniform discharge rates. The dribble bar system SwingMax is not only stable and precise in operation. Thanks to a wide variety of technical innovations combined with Comfort Flow Control, it also sets a high standard for flexibility as well. The section control is designed so that every single hose can be switched off separately. The Vogelsang SwingMax system provides technology to meet the most demanding requirements, up to a working width of 33 meters.