The 36-meter dribble bar system
Dribble bar system SwingMax36

The Vogelsang dribble bar system SwingMax36 opens up a whole new dimension in the liquid manure application, providing extreme working width on tankers, with extreme distribution accuracy at the same time. This allows large fields to be completed in a very short time. The design of the linkage is based on the regular dribble bar system SwingMax, so it can withstand even the greatest of loads. In contrast to the SwingMax, which was designed for tramlines up to 33 meters, the frame of the SwingMax36 was designed as a triple construction due to the huge working width, with integration of an additional folding element. Distribution of the liquid manure to the individual hoses is handled here by three ExaCut precision distributors. With its large working width and high effectiveness, this Vogelsang linkage is the best system for spreading liquid manure on farms that demand the maximum in terms of working width.