Liquid manure equipment kit for tillage equipment

  • Incorporating liquid manure during tillage saves time and money
  • Warranty of the tillage equipment remains fully valid
  • Secure hose layout, even in transport position
  • Quick and easy installation
  • Adapted to the tillage equipment

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Agricultural technology

Agricultural technology

SynCult – the equipment kit for direct incorporation of liquid manure

The SynCult is Vogelsang's complete set for equipping tillage units for large-area liquid manure incorporation. Incorporating liquid manure directly into the soil using cultivators and disk harrows saves you time and money, reduces the amount of travel over the field, and makes it easy to comply with the Germany's four-hour rule for liquid manure incorporation. This method has now become an established practice in agriculture. Nonetheless, combining tillage equipment with simultaneous liquid manure application has always been improvised on a one-off basis. With the SynCult complete set, Vogelsang offers kits that have been fully prepared for each type of tillage equipment. Fastening points for the precision distributor and the liquid manure outlets are preconfigured. This ensures good work results and a long lifetime for the equipment kit on the tillage equipment. As the SynCult was developed in partnership with tillage equipment manufacturers, the warranty on the tillage equipment remains fully valid even after installation of the SynCult. But there are even more advantages to direct incorporation of liquid manure. Incorporating the manure directly prevents loss of nutrients from causes such as evaporation, for example. The SynCult equipment kit is therefore the ideal solution for efficient utilization of nutrients on arable land. However, this equipment kit is also suitable for retrofitting on individual items of existing tillage equipment, such as cultivators and disk harrows.

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The adapter frame connects the tillage unit to the precision distributor. It is hot-dip galvanized for maximum durability.
Liquid manure, a valuable commodity, must be spread evenly and reliably in the distribution hoses. Vogelsang precision distributors permit precise distribution of the nutrients with a distribution coefficient of less than 5 percent. This makes spreading a safe and reliable process without fluctuations – which also guarantees even plant growth.

The liquid manure outlet pipes are mounted on the coulter blade and channel the liquid manure onto the soil.
The discharge hoses on the Vogelsang dribble bar systems all have similar lengths, thanks to the optimized hose layout. The liquid manure reaches the soil almost simultaneously from each one, and spreading across the entire working width and length is also guaranteed. This not only ensures optimum lateral distribution accuracy in the linkage, but also prevents the V shape that can otherwise form.

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