The linkage for small working widths and more options
The UniSpread linkage for agricultural applications

The new UniSpread linkage is suitable for all outlets! Whether grassland, fields or growing crops, dribble hoses or trailing shoes – you decide yourself how to use the UniSpread to meet your requirements. Like all Vogelsang linkages, this new extremely precise universal linkage can be equipped with any type of liquid manure outlet. Of course, the UniSpread designed specially for small working widths is also equipped with everything that makes a Vogelsang linkage so uniquely robust, precise and reliable. This also applies to the Vogelsang precision distributor. It ensures maximum distribution accuracy also when applying the UniSpread. Variable suspension options enable quick installation and various safety features ensure safe and clean transport.

Regardless of which attachments are selected for the hose ends at the UniSpread – it is deposited directly under the plants. And in order for this to remain this way for years, not only the frame itself is made of robust fully galvanized steel, but also the hoses are extremely resistant due to the unique Vogelsang production procedure. They remain permanently elastic and UV-resistant. The core of the UniSpread is the powerful precision distributor ExaCut, which cuts fibrous components reliably to a minimum size.

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