The clean solution for wastewater disposal from buses

  • Hygienic and fast waste water disposal system for buses
  • Tap and drink water supply system for buses available
  • High availability of the system thanks to easy and onsite maintenance
  • Resistance to dry running and maximum tolerance of foreign matter
  • Easy usage and self service

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Simple, hygienic and environmentally friendly disposal of wastewater from coaches

For more than twenty years, Vogelsang has been the market leader in the field of wastewater disposal in the railway sector. This know-how and the specially developed solutions have been transferred to bus applications. There is no specific legislation which controls the disposal of waste water from coaches. Many toilets are emptied under unhygienic conditions or are closed when the wastewater tank is full.

To solve this problem, we have developed the RoadPump systems. There are different solutions, which can be modified according to the particular requirements. There are systems for small bus depots, for public areas, private companies or petrol stations and car parks. In combination with the RoadPump we have developed and patented the BusPlug. This is a suction nozzle which is installed in the waste water tanks of the buses. This allows the waste water to be extracted from the bus tanks in the simplest and cleanest way.

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Vogelsang is the specialist for supply and disposal as well as cleaning solutions in the railway, bus and boat sectors. We also offer our customers solutions for operational data management in these markets.

If you would like to find out why we are number one for supply and disposal in the German rail sector, then visit our world of transport technology.

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Vogelsang has developed various systems to dispose of waste water from buses and to put it into the sewage system or into an intermediate container.


Vogelsang developed BusPlug to enable waste water to be drained quickly and conveniently from tanks in coaches. BusPlug can be retrofitted without a lot of effort and can be quickly and easily connected to the RoadPump via a coupling. Even larger disruptive matter such as lighters or paper towels can easily be vacuum-extracted. The closed system prevents unpleasant odors.

Advantages of BusPlug:

  • Enables easy disposal of the contents of waste water tanks
  • Easy to install and retrofit
  • Easy to dismantle making inspections of the waste water tank easy
  • Material is resistant to chemicals
  • A vacuum and damage in the waste water tank of the bus are prevented
  • Connected using the proven Kamlock coupling


The CollectingMax consists of a large drip pan, which any employee or driver can quickly position under the outlet for toilet sewage on the bus. The system is easy to operate and fits all bus types perfectly. The drip pan is designed to enable a rapid outflow and prevent splashes from the waste toilet water. The CollectingMax is an efficient solution for smaller bus stations or bus depots, and also for rest stops. It can be used without difficulty by untrained personnel.

Advantages of CollectingMax:

  • Basically suitable for all buses
  • Easy disposal of fecal matter from waste water tanks
  • Insensitive to foreign matter
  • No contamination of the immediate environment


The CollectingStation is sunk permanently into the ground, so that the bus is simply driven over the collection unit. With the special positioning system, the driver is able to position the bus correctly over the collection unit. The special design of the station prevents contamination of its surroundings or the bus as the waste water is drained off. After draining, the CollectingStation is automatically flushed with water to remove odors and toilet paper residue.

Advantages of CollectingStation:

  • Basically suitable for all buses
  • Easy disposal of fecal matter from waste water tanks
  • Insensitive to foreign matter
  • No contamination of the immediate environment

Customized solutions for every requirement

We tailor our products to our customers' individual needs. Our product range includes a variety of RoadPump models with different configurations and options.

The RoadPump can be used as a stationary, heated version for use at petrol stations or truck stops or as a mobile version for smaller bus companies.

There are many different features and options. The RoadPump Plus has an intuitive touch panel with which the user is guided through the individual functions without the use of any language. It is also possible to integrate different payment systems.

RoadPump Plus

The premium solution

RoadPump Plus is a stationary system in a weatherproof housing specially designed for petrol stations, service areas, ferry ports or public areas such as bus stops. The waste water tanks can be emptied with a CollectingMax trolley or directly via the odorless BusPlug suction connection. All parts needed for extraction and supply are stored in the case and are electromechanically sealed to prevent vandalism and theft. The RoadPump Plus has a unique function: it has a drinking water filling system as well as a hygienic flushing system. It meets the drinking water quality requirements of the German Railway Association (EBA). The housing is heated, which prevents the individual components from freezing. The system can be equipped with various payment methods. This version can also be set up as a "ghosting" system without an operator or supervision. Design and operation are modelled on a petrol pump to simplify installation in systems like these.


  • Wastewater disposal
  • Supply with drinking water
  • Supply with flushing water

Technical Specifications

max. Capacity
10.8 m3/h
Total height
1400 mm
Drinking water filling

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