The premium water supply and disposal solution for coaches
The fresh water supply and wastewater disposal system RoadPump Plus

The RoadPump Plus is a stationary system in a weatherproof housing, specially engineered for petrol stations, service areas, ferry ports or public areas such as bus stations. The wastewater tanks can be emptied with the CollectingMax trolley or directly via the odorless BusPlug suction connection. In combination with the BusPlug an automatic flushing of the wastewater tank can be done. All parts required for unplugging and supply are kept in the housing and are electromechanically locked, preventing vandalism and theft. The RoadPump Plus has a unique feature to offer: it has a drinking water filling facility, as well as a hygienic flushing system. It fulfills the requirements of drinking water quality according to the German Federal Railway Authority (EBA). The housing is heated, which prevents freezing of the individual components. The system can be equipped with different payment solutions. This version can also be set up as a self-service system. The design and operation are modeled on a petrol pump to simplify the installation in these facilities.